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    You have seat insert will travel?

    Mike Frank

    I can come up with something…..

    Maybe stuff a Great Dane or two alongside me…LOL or Scooter and Max, riding mechanics maybe?


    Your in if you’ll wear your leather aviators helmet! (we can airbrush something on it)

    Who let the dogs out? :loony:

    David Watkins

    @apsdsmracer wrote:

    I’m interested in participating. Will the race be in Grand Junction or at a local track?

    Brian Robson

    Grand Junction is our local track :sun:

    Doug Welch

    @karterdad wrote:

    You know their should be a minimum weight.

    Ok, how about 350? The kid just doesn’t gain no matter how much he eats. He moved back home and my food bill doubled and he still only breaks the scales at 140#.

    Mike Jansen

    Mike: you have to wear a silk scarf along with the leather helmet

    Doug: You want the kid to gain weight? Let me take him to a gym 4 days a week and change the diet and I GAR UN TEE he’ll put on 15…

    And no juicing either 8)



    Endurence racing has nothing to do with weight and speed. Let the teams go out full balls and their tires will not make it. Set a steady pace, (Roman is very fasy even at his weight) and keep your equipment together. It is who finishes first and not who ran the fastest lap.

    I put together 2 teams in Jacksonville a couple of years ago.

    Team 1 – Alan Rudolph & Bobby Wilson
    Team 2 – Marc Elliot & AJ Noud

    Neither team finished either days racing. We blew up 5 Vortex rox and 1 Sonic. I had to buy 3 new engines just so we could race on Sunday.

    The biggest thing will be tires. 200 continuous laps on one set of tires will be interesting. Gear and chain survival are also an issue. Brian, make sure the rule does NOT allow chain oilers and has to be 219 only. There are so many ways of winning these types of races just by survival.

    Count me in for at least 2 teams. I love this format. No sanctioning body or politics.


    Ps. The price is perfect. very cheap for this type of program. Set it up and see how many teams confirm.

    Les Prins

    Maybe a rental kart may be best for this race. They don’t seem to have many problems running 200 laps. 😯


    I did the enduro out at Infinion last year for the nor cal region. Its Tag only. they do a avg. weight of I think 350lbs for kart and all drivers and use Yokohama Y01’s which held up pretty well. I found their rules on line which might help put things together. It was an awsome time.


    Im in if its on the denver side of the mountains going out to GJMS just adds that much more money and TIME. The track @ Centennial????????

    Brian Robson

    This will be a Grand Junction Motor Speedway event.

    Official event posting comming SOON!!!!!!!!

    See you here!



    This sounds like a lot of fun! Let me know if anybody needs another driver!!! I had too much fun in Kyle’s TAG at the last race and need to do it again… SOON!

    Curt Kistler

    Here are some other ideas for thought. A timed race may be better than total laps. MG reds for the amount of laps may be a good call. Found this just posted from another region: http://www.rmaxchallenge.com/page.cfm?content=4&display=168
    Look at how they are going to average the weight. Just drop the math to 2 drivers instead of 4.

    GJ is the only place to do a race like this, you go Brian. Still smooth as a baby’s butt out there. Tracks not in bad shape either. 😕


    Isn’t Centennial a pretty smooth track too? Also, i think most of us live closer to it and wouldn’t need to spend extra $$ to stay trackside. Nothing against GJ, just looking for logistics that are easier.

    Joe Rosse

    My guess is that the likelihood of having reasonable weather is somewhat higher at GJMS than at TTAC. :idn: But the problem may be getting across the passes in the middle of winter…. The deciding factor may be that Brian seems willing to put the effort into making it happen.

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