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The sport of competitive go kart racing is considered by many to be the most affordable, fundamental, and exciting branch of motorsports available worldwide. Performance go karts are light weight and agile vehicles. Karts come in a variety of sizes and speeds, and accommodate racers of all ages, starting as young as 5 years old. With a back-to-basics approach to vehicle dynamics, karts race wheel-to-wheel at racetracks across the globe. They bring the excitement, speed, and challenge of motorsports competition to thousands of racers each year.

The Colorado | Shifter Karts at Grand Junction Motor Speedway
A group of shifter-kart drivers navigate the Grand Junction Motor Speedway course.

Whether an experienced racing driver or someone that is new to performance driving, a go kart offers the most direct and thrilling driving experience one can experience in a vehicle with 4 wheels. With a seating position a mere inch from the racing surface, the sense of speed and performance one experiences in a kart is sure to bring a smile to even the most hardened racer. Through the corners, karts simply outperform any other vehicle. With some practice, driving a kart at speed becomes as much an act of will as it does hitting your turn in points and apexes— the steering in a kart is so direct that when properly set up the kart will often seem to drive itself. For many that have only driven a fully suspended racing or road car, the limits of grip in a kart are often astounding. It is not at all uncommon for drivers to experience lateral and longitudinal forces in excess of 3 G’s in the corners in high-performance karting machines.

Karting is both a team and individual sport

Kart racing events are held at varying competition levels, which means that a new driver can learn, improve, and continually find new challenges by competing against other drivers, visiting different tracks, and compete in a variety of racing series. Karting is both a singular and team sport; on the track, it is up to you to drive, enjoy yourself, and be safe. In the pits, it takes a community to learn from each other, and to make sure that each day at the track is a success.

Karting is at its essence a family-oriented sport. In many cases, a family may begin their karting adventure with their son or daughter as competitors. Soon, however, many parents may decide to race as well. Whether at the track for a competitive race event, practicing, or simply working on the kart with friends, karting teaches racers of all ages life lessons that extend far beyond karting. In particular, karting families will continue to stay involved because of the lessons in sportsmanship, attention to detail, and mechanical know how they and their family gain from the sport.

SBR Motorsports Park

Karting in Colorado

The sport of kart racing along the Front Range is alive and well. With roots in the region as far back as the 1970’s, kart racers within the region have adapted to the changing landscape of the sport over the decades. As the Denver Metro area has continued to grow, a variety of racing series, karting-specific shops, and a true community has grown with each passing year.

Most racing within the state is sprint-style racing. This means that competitors compete on road course style tracks, with left and right turns. In addition, currently efforts are being made by dedicated individuals to bring oval-track style karting to the region.

Within the state, there are 5 active karting facilities. These are located in Morrison, Grand Junction, Peyton, Dacono, and Centennial, Colorado, respectively. To learn more about each karting track, consider looking at our Track Directory page, which has an address, contact information, and a larger description for each facility. Most of these facilities are open nearly year-round, with open-lapping days available, as well as on-site instruction, parts availability, and services.

For those looking to join others on the track in a competitive setting, the Colorado region has multiple kart racing series. In 2017, these series included The Colorado Sprint Championship, The Colorado Karting Tour, The Southern Colorado Karting Championship, and the Grand Junction Karting Series. For more information on kart racing series in the region, consider taking a look at our Series Representatives page, which provides an overview of karting series within the region, as well as contact information for series representatives.

Learning More, Getting Involved

With a basic overview of the sport of karting and Colorado region accomplished, we know that you may be wondering how to learn even more!

For many, visiting a karting-related facility is a great place to start. Whether a kart track or a shop, newcomers to the sport can learn a lot about the sport by seeing karting in real life. For more information on these facilities and tracks, consider consulting our Track Directory, as well as our Karting Businesses pages.

Karting 101 | A resource for those new to karting

In addition, if you haven’t yet, consider reading a publication specifically tailored to those new to the sport of karting. “Karting 101” provides those learning about kart racing for the first time a strong basic understanding of various aspects of the sport.

The Colorado Karter’s Technical Resources page provides yet more-detailed information on a variety of topics, ranging from how to service brakes, to helmet ratings, and everything in-between. The Helpful Links page also serves to put a variety of karting-specific websites and businesses at your fingertips.

Always a work in progress, TCK’s Karting Fundamentals section provides even more user-friendly resources to peruse and learn about the basics of the sport.

Last but certainly not least, The Colorado Karter urges you to get involved online in our forums section! By posting, you can discuss in real-time with actual kart racers within the region, who will provide a variety of answers, knowledge, and experiences for you to consider.

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