Colorado Karting Ambassadors

The Colorado Karting Ambassador program will be implemented shortly.

In brief: The Colorado Karter believes that it is a fundamental duty of members of the karting community within Colorado to actively encourage and engage with the general public about the sport of karting.

In line with this belief, The Colorado Karter will seek out several representatives across the state of Colorado that represent the sport well, and exemplify the qualities we believe karting can instill within us all.

If you are interested in becoming a Colorado Karting Ambassador, please contact us at: [email protected]

Ambassador: Eric Gunderson

Eric Gunderson

Overview | Eric Gunderson has been involved in the Colorado kart racing community since 2016, and in the sport of kart racing since 2004. Currently, Eric Gunderson serves as a volunteer with The Colorado Karting Tour, site admin for The Colorado Karter, and owner of Apex Predator L.L.C., which manages and oversees karting-related subsidiaries including The Colorado, Apex Predator Driver Development, and

Detailed Bio | Initially, Eric’s career evolved as a driver, racing in the Junior 1 and Junior 2 categories before progressing to additional forms of motorsport. Eventually, academic interests lead Eric to attend the University of Colorado, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Geological Sciences and accreditations in Business and Technology and Media Arts.

A passion for motorsport never waned, however, and concurrent involvement as a volunteer with The Colorado Karting Tour has seen him serve in a variety of commitments including media and marketing management, team organization and officiating, and administrative organization. Concurrently, Eric formed Apex Predator Driver Development, which has assisted drivers of all ages in karts and racing cars in their development as drivers. In January of 2019, an announcement of his latest venture, signaled the next level of involvement for Eric Gunderson in kart racing, which includes kart parts and sales, track side support, and regular maintenance and service expertise for racers in the region.

How they can help you | Eric Gunderson has joined the ambassador program with a karter-first mind set. That is, he believes that each racer must be listened to carefully, and paired with resources that will allow them to become involved with the sport in a manner that best ensures their long-term enjoyment and involvement. From equipment purchasing, to high-level and technical questions, Eric welcomes all inquiries, and will commit the time to sit down and meet with potential kart racers, as he recognizes the challenges this new sport can present to many interested in becoming involved.

Contact | To reach out to Eric Gunderson directly, please email at: [email protected], or call 858.335.7545