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Welcome to The Colorado Karter!

Creating a profile on The Colorado Karter is a great way to join a community of hundreds of kart racers and motorsports enthusiasts engaged with the sport of kart racing in the State of Colorado.

Please keep in mind the following simple guidelines:

  • When registering with The Colorado Karter, members MUST use their real name, first and last, as the USERNAME.
  • Respect others on the forums.

It really is that simple! Well…almost:  For more information on expectations for behavior, see our Forum Guidelines Page Here. 


To register, send us an email at:  [email protected] to sign up! We will address your registration request as soon as possible.

Please provide the following in the email:

Your Real Username: A first, and last name. In accordance with our forum guidelines as of Jan. 2018, all other variations of username will be ignored or asked to change.

Logically, the email address the request is received from will be assigned to the account. A random (and changeable upon initial log in) password will be created and sent to the user.

Note: In the past, The Karter utilized an automated registration application to allow everyone and anyone to register. While The Karter is of course still welcome to all, we did see this application being continually bombarded with spam account requests from automated servers in foreign countries. We tried integrated registration security, we tried additional applications to regulate this, but couldn’t fully control the bombardment. As a result, for now The Karter has switched to this ‘manual’ system. We apologize for the additional, albeit slight, inconvenience.

Check out our video tutorial for an overview of navigating The Colorado Karter.