New Karter Initiative

Encouraging the transformation of passing interest to active participation in the sport of ┬ákarting has been a challenge for the racing community. Many new to karting experience immediate challenges– unexpected costs, parts failures, and lack of information no matter where they turn. This leads to a high rate of turnover regarding people losing interest in the sport, or not knowing where to even start. Furthermore, it leaves many with the impression that karters are not welcoming, and do not want to provide a place for the new racer to get involved. At the local level especially, this could not be further from the truth.

It is our hope that The Karter will grow in prominence as a leading resource within the state for people interested in karting to learn more about how to get started. This hope can be made a reality by complementing the existing content on The Karter with new, comprehensive content covering the basics of karting for those that are new to the sport.