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    Mike Edwards

    Hey……………At the meeting last week there was some talk of a winter Endurance series/race. This would be a great way to stay in shape. Brian at GJMS was interested, are there any other tracks that might want to be part of this? I would like to put a team together.

    Mikey :cheers:

    Doug Welch

    We’re in. I got Greg and Adrian as drivers.

    Brian Robson

    I am all for a 200 lapper!!! (race time aproximately 3.5hrs)

    This is what I propose

    TaG only ( leopard/Rotax 370lbs Sonic 400lbs) will review all weights

    Minimum 2-drivers per team. Each driver must meet weight requirements age 15 +

    MG FZ yellows (one set per team)

    No fuel tanks larger than 8 litres

    No quick fueling systems (dump tanks only)

    Engine must be off during re-fueling. Driver must be out of kart

    No full course yellow pit-stops. All pit stops must be under green flag conditions

    $300.00 per team (purse based on one paid posistion per 3 teams entered) 9 teams = paid spots 1-3.

    This is just a rough idea. I raced NCMP first 2 races (first one was 3hrs then was changed to 200 laps) This was the most fun I ever had in 22 years of this sport. We can base the rules off of their races. They are fair, and efficient.

    My biggest question is when? Our schedule is WIDE open! Before Christmas? after the holidays? I am learning Colorado weather patterns as we speak. (like Indiana, unpredictable!) Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    [email protected]
    (970) 256-0107 track

    Lets get it on!

    Brian Robson

    Mike Edwards

    If the age limit is 15 then were out…….I was hoping for a JR class


    Greg Welch

    Why not do two classes similar to the Rolex Sports Car Series? Run a Senior TaG class and a Junior TaG class. Don’t hand out money to the Junior’s hand out things like game systems and electronics.

    Like my dad said Adrian and I are in and want to do it.

    Marc Elliott

    If one can be schduled by the end of december, I would likely find a way to run.


    Sweet ideas guys, i’d down to support it.

    Garett Potter

    Keenan is in!! need another driver if anyone is interested? I guess I could dust of the old helmet and go for it.. What are these Rotax motors anyway do they have a GEAR LEVER on them??? Hmmmm?? :idn:


    Any idea what track this event might be at???

    Justin Mueller

    Tag only What you don’t think the shifters can do an endurance race?? :idn:


    I’d be interested in running, if someone needs a driver let me know.

    Greg Welch

    That would be great to see you drive again. Keenan from Utah is a great driver and needs a partner to run with. I could see the two of you being a force against me and Carrio.
    Hear that Garett??


    Kyle and A.J would be good force for you guys too. It would fun to compete in and watch.


    I would love to participate in an endurance race!!! 😀 I believe me and Seth Chappa & /or Pat Rosse would put up a good match for all. I’m 16 soo count me in for the senior class! 😉
    Who ever thought of this :cheers:

    David Chapel

    if u can’t race it
    don’t buy it


    Well, I’m interested in this but I think that 200 laps is a bit extreme for a first try at this. Also, will one set of MG Yellows last 200 laps???

    How about 100 laps for a start. If this can be set up then I’d be looking for a team or perhaps could join in on one.

    Does everyone race in one kart and if so do you need to get people who fit in the same seat size?

    Alternatively do you switch karts but swap tires?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 61 total)
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