How-To | IAME X30 Clutch Maintenance

How-To| IAME X30 Clutch Maintenance.

On any given kart at any given track, one of the most abused pieces of the kart is the clutch. Especially in the case of centrifugal-clutches, regularly maintaining and inspecting the clutch assembly is vital to ensure proper function. In this video, Jesus Vasquez from P1 Engines explains how to take apart and maintain the clutch assembly on an IAME X30 Engine. As always, a huge thank you to the team at Kart 360 for allowing us to provide these “Pro-Tip” Videos for educational purposes.

Note: While certain components and socket/wrench sizes may vary from clutch to clutch, many of the concepts Mr. Vasquez discusses in this video are applicable to other kart engine packages, such as the Rotax, Briggs, or Honda GXH50 clutch packages. With that said, always consult with your local engine dealers, parts suppliers, and parts manuals when disassembling or reassembling the clutch assembly on your engine.

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