Apex Predator Announces Acquisition of The Colorado Karter

Apex Predator Acquires The Colorado Karter

August 05, 2017, Boulder, CO

Apex Predator Driver Development is excited to announce the recent acquisition of The Colorado Karter.com, the premier online source for news and discussion about the sport of karting within the state of Colorado.

Since the founding of the website in 2003 by Angine MacEwen, ‘The Karter’ has provided racers within the state a central hub for directed forum discussion, classifieds ads, and communication between groups in the region. Over time, The Karter has fostered a community where industry members, racers, and those interested in the sport regularly interact with each other.

“I could not be more excited to take on this project,” stated Apex Predator owner Eric Gunderson. “Both Angie Macewen and Jeff Welch have done an immense amount of work behind the scenes with The Karter over the years, and I am humbled that I was given the opportunity to continue their work. It is my hope and intent that this next chapter in The Karter’s history will build upon all of the resources these two have poured into the site over the years.”

Gunderson noted that he wished for the site to continue to serve the Colorado karting community as a neutral resource for all members of the state: “I think it is extremely important to preserve the community that is present on the site already in its entirety. At the same time, I want to look at ways to continue to reach out to the greater general public. Jeff and I have talked at length about The Karter, and I feel confident that we are strongly in agreement with what has made it so effective over the years in fostering engagement within the community, and the manner in which this may continue in the future. ”

Looking forward, Gunderson stated he plans to primarily focus on a thorough update of the site, with a modern look and feel that will match the contemporary content. “However,” he noted, “the components that have made the site great in the past—the forums, the classifieds, and the news sections — all of these will remain in place. As the transformation and update process proceeds, I will work hard to preserve everyone’s original credentials to the best of my ability.”

In addition to these components, Apex Predator plans to expand upon the information currently present on the site, with resources provided for experienced and new karters alike. From basic information on tracks and racing series in Colorado, to more in-depth technical articles from Colorado-based karting industry members, The Karter’s breadth of content is planned to significantly grow.

As of writing, Apex Predator is examining multiple update options, and determining which will be the best fit for The Karter. Of primary concern at present is investigating which forum software will replace the current infrastructure. In the near future, Apex Predator intends to reach out to the community, and seek their feedback on The Karter, so that the revamp project can meet user’s expectations. Although service interruptions are unlikely, any major developments regarding the site’s short-term function will be made clear soon. “I realize that this project is going to be a massive undertaking. As a result, I believe it is important to keep the users in the loop, as we work to create a resource online that they can be proud of, and find useful in all aspects,” stated Gunderson. “It is my hope that together, we can continue to discuss, to grow, and learn about the sport we all love—the sport of karting here in Colorado.”

Advertising opportunities are also on the horizon, and will serve to primarily support the hosting, development, and maintenance fees associated with the site.

Under the ownership of Apex Predator, The Colorado Karter will continue to serve the Colorado karting community as a leader in neutral, factual, and timely information on developments within the sport in Colorado. All parties that are interested in sharing their views on The Karter and its future, submit press releases, and learn more about the future of The Colorado Karter are encouraged to contact the site at: [email protected].

About Apex Predator Driver Development

Founded by experienced karter and racing driver Eric Gunderson, Apex Predator Driver Development provides professional driver coaching and consultation to racing drivers who want to improve their craft.

For more information about Apex Predator, visit us on Facebook, or contact us via email at: [email protected]

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