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    Curt Kistler

    By popular request we are going to host a 2007 Karting Swap Meet on October 27th in the parking lot of Riviera Electric on Santa Fe and Bellview.

    Details to follow. All you will need to do is show up with your stuff and deal. I personally know of three guys looking to buy shifters to play with next year.

    We will have a food vendor and restrooms will be available.

    As usual, your comments and questions are welcome. Hope you can all take advantage of this day. We unloaded all of our stuff last time, and even picked up some pretty good deals on stuff I did not think we needed.

    Curt Kistler

    There seems to be a few more interested buyers than sellers. I spoke with a few of you already about this event and all I hear is there are new karters looking for good deals on used karts to get into this sport.

    Hopefully there are some interested sellers out there that will come and participate as we have already sold our 2007 complete set up.

    I also have heard from one fellow kart tuner dad who has a garage full of parts and extras to sell. If it’s going to be just a few interested parties I will set something else up for the folks looking to deal.

    Do we need to place an add in the local papers to advertise this sale for the rest of the uninformed?

    Your thoughts are welcome, or I will do something else on that day non kart related.



    I?m going to be selling my 2004 DFM with 125 Pavesi ICC motor, but I won?t be able to make it on the 27th. 😥

    Rick Schmidt

    I’m in.

    Although at the last one, I got in trouble for bringing home more than I left with. So maybe Lucy and Debbie can do a little wine tasting or something, creating the much needed diversion!

    Let me know if you need help Curt. I have a lot of stuff that would be very useful to some of the newer guys building up their inventory. And clear out my garage a little.


    Jeff Field

    We’ll show up. We’re still pretty new, so not much to sell. Mostly interested in deals on spares and tools and stuff I don’t even know about yet.

    Curt Kistler


    We should have enough room for several trailers to set up, however, if you can use the back of a pick up or van we should be able to accomodate everyone.

    The date should hold up, let’s hope mother nature cooperates.

    I will also post an add on the classifieds, and Karting Business sites.

    Mike Edwards

    Curt……….We will also be there with stuff to sell, I will put together a list and post it here for people to see. If you need help im all in. How about a pot luck lunch?

    Let’s start a list….

    Mikey :cheers:

    Mike Edwards

    All……This is a partial list of items that I will have for sale at the swap meet.

    1. CRG Kali 30mm Chassis, 40mm axle, Shockwave bumper, Shockwave bearing cassettes, Shockwave sprocket carrier, upgraded master cylinder (MCP), black Scribner body work, 2 extra sets of brake pads, 2 extra CRG master cylinders, 1.5 sets of tires and wheels, new fuel tank.

    This chassis is in great condition with no tube damage. It won the IMI/TTAC Tag JR Championship, it’s fastest lap at IMI was a 53.29. This chassis will accept either inboard or outboard clutch. $700.00

    2. Shockwave 40mm hubs 40x75mm $50.00/pair, 40x95mm $60.00/pair, 40x125mm $70.00/pair.

    3. Shockwave 40mm floating sprocket carrier $25.00.

    4. Shockwave pedal set-up $65.00.

    5. ASICS racing shoes size 8 1/2 $15.00.

    6. Snap-on racing shoes kids size 6 1/2 $30.00.

    7. Gearbox kids racing gloves $15.00.

    8. Kids neck support $ 10.00.

    9. Wheel balancer for american wheels $15.00.

    10. 2- Tillet T-7 seats (small) $50.00.

    11. plastic fuel tank $15.00.

    12. Digatron model DT-31 gauge $50.00.

    13. 11 assorted 40mm axles soft, med, hard, $35.00ea.

    14. 3 new fiberglass seats various sizes $40.00ea.

    I will have additional stuff but that enough typing for now…..
    Mike Edwards
    303-598-2810 cell
    303-979-7983 home :cheers:

    Tony LaPorta

    Im In, that is if i dont get rid of the kart before then.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Curt, I hope you have room for one more trailer full. I’ll start loading it today.

    1. Worlds Champion Tag Kart
    2. Worlds Champion Ice Kart
    3. Worlds fastest yard kart
    4. Worlds oldest parts inventory


    This complete package will be there if it doesnt sell in the meantime…

    ? 2006 ItalKart Supersonic chassis with wheels and tires
    ? Rotax 125 sealed motor w/ passport, operators manual, parts manual, service manual, ItalKart chassis tuning guide
    ? Mychron 4 w/ beacon and 12v battery
    ? MaxJet w/ Palm Pilot
    ? All jets w/ jet block
    ? Extra rear sprockets
    ? 11,12,13 front cogs
    ? 2 clutch drums, extra clutch assembly (broken post) weld for spare
    ? Prospeed exhaust mount
    ? Extra set of new hard brake pads (blue)
    ? Carb and fuel pump rebuild kits
    ? Long and short tie rods
    ? Extra power valve assembly
    ? Yuasa battery w/ charger
    ? Old air box and mount
    ? All torsion bars and seat struts

    This kart has been raced 5 times this season (Rotax MileHi Series and 1 club race). I like to stay ‘on the track’. I’m a little slower because of this but dont believe in ‘off roading’ my kart. This kart has been well maintained. Exhaust packing is fresh, power valve cleaned regularly etc.
    I have only run synthetic Motul oil and all maintenance schedule from manual has been followed.

    $4500.00 firm-serious inquiries only please. call Joe @ 303.250.9416

    Terry Von Tilius

    Hey Freeze, Do you have a starter for a briggs modified kart? (not the on board one, the external one like Dan and Greg use). If so BRING IT. I will buy it from you.


    Rick Schmidt


    You bringing all the bells and “whistles”? How many trips is this going to take you?

    I have a Vampire / Gp-8 package as well as a Rotax / Gp-8. Both are very well sorted racing machines.

    Whoever buys these Karts will get great support and I’ll give you any information I can to help you run up front as well. Both have been capable of running up front against some stiff competition. Vampire won the State Championship and finished second at the Tag Worlds as well as setting the weekends fast time in class. With many race wins this year. The Vampire is available now. It just got it’s first timing chain adjustment and valve lash adjustment and is a total kick in th a$$ to drive. Engine has 2 races.

    The Rotax package qualified in the top 10 and won heat 3 at the Rotax Grand Nationals (b4 finding us a 1/2 mm to wide in the rear). This machine also sat on pole for the Tag Worlds in the Masters final. As well as winning the Colorado Rotax Cahmpionship Series. It will be available after the Supernationals in Vegas (mid november) with a fresh top end before the Nationals and a season lod bottom. It was a very strong package out of the box, running with some very potent engines that seemed to be getting special attention between every session at the Grand Nationals.

    Both are loaded with Mychron golds with track mapping. And can be purchased ready to sit on the track and win.

    Plus, just a bunch of stuff I have accumulated along the way.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Terry, I have one home maid one I need to keep, unless you want to buy all of my old motors? I’ll try and bring one that needs rebuilt, a 1972 model.

    Curt has timed this perfect for me, I have a few days off and my trailer isn’t needed any more this season. Clean out the shop, do a little show and tell, then unload it in the storage shed. Humm… If the redemption center down the road from Curts would give me $2.50 a pound I could just unhook my trailer there.


    I’m looking for a stock gas carburator for a flathead.

    Terry, I have one I’ll give ya. The motor might need rebuilt. $40 last time I did one.

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