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    stacey cook

    Hi all,
    I know we have decided to do our own thing this year in the CSC however, after talking with a few of the SKUSA representatives and seeing what they are offering I felt it was best for all if us to take one more serious look at the informtation below and see what imput is out there:


    A quick introduction: My name is Jim Baltutis and I am handling the marketing and media relations for Superkarts USA! Attached is a short note explaining the virtues of a Superkarts USA! 2006 affiliation. Feel free to utilize it as you see fit- -perhaps even post on your website for your Colorado participants to see.

    It?s important to remember that Superkarts USA! is a completely new organization from top to bottom, and it?s strength comes from the same team responsible for the ProKart Challenge series in Southern California. As you know, ProKart Challenge dominated the Southern California market place in its first year. Ironically, ProKart Challenge was created in response to the many issues that faced a large number of disenfranchised regional kart racers in So Cal– primarily because the SKUSA Mission Region was in total disarray! Sure, there were multiple series already running in Southern California, but none were appealing options for most racers. The overwhelming demand for a series that actually took into account the ‘experience’ of its competitors, while offering enhanced value to the participant was ProKart?s message, and it ultimately delivered. As a result, a new and successful era of kart racing in Southern California was born!

    The ProKart Challenge was designed from the ground up to be a series for the racer and offers some unique advantages not usually seen elsewhere. This same principle will now be the engine that propels SKUSA into the future.

    A SKUSA affiliated region and racer can expect:

    Membership. Participants become part of an organization that Supports Regional Kart Racing on a national platform.

    National Brand identity (the racer is part of something with a wider reach, and their voice is heard through input to the series via web presence etc.)

    Class Structure (consistent with surrounding regions-local class options at regional directors discretion)

    A National Rulebook that creates consistency and uniformity among the regions

    A Marketing Initiative that encourages the growth of the sport regionally.

    Media Packages that promote the regional racer in National Karting Publications and other outlets. This program takes local ?heroes? to national prominence

    Terrific Awards and Prizes from the Top Brands In Karting. See Grand Prize info below:

    MG Tires and SKUSA have joined forces to field a SKUSA team at the prestigious 2006 Granja Viana 500 kart race in Sao Paulo, Brazil. SKUSA regions will award a seat on this team to a lucky winner at their season ending banquets! Included is the air fare to Brazil, food, lodging, entry fee, competitive kart, spares, mechanics, etc. The value of this prize is estimated at nearly $10,000.

    But perhaps best of all is the once in a lifetime opportunity to trade paint with 74 teams of up to 10 drivers each including Montoya, Barrichello, Kanaan, Massa, Wheldon, Giaffone, Castroneves, de Ferran, Coulthard, Herta, Moreno, Servia and Fittipaldi to name a few.

    Below are some links that indicate just how highly thought of this race is by some of the most famous drivers in the world.…2005112 4.html…=206499&FS=KART…&StoryID=172267…p?story_id=5722…p?story_id=5728

    An Award and Prize program that encourages Participation Over Performance during the course of the season. Including the above Grand Prize prize!

    Participation in Product and Brand Exclusive deals (tires, oils, fuel, etc)

    Participate in Cross Regional Sponsorship deals, being developed now

    Logos and branding materials supplied by SKUSA

    Timely Result Updates to SKUSA Website – No more than 48 hrs after event

    AMB Electronic Timing and Scoring that is updated on the AMB website

    An Enhanced Entry Package for the SKUSA Supernationals in Las Vegas (preferred pit spots, entry discount and more)

    Unified points system that encourages regional competition at the Supernationals in November. How do the regions best drivers stand up to each other?

    Regional directors become part of the team that guides the direction of the sport and it?s policies to promote future growth

    Class Requirement Checklists on the website

    A Driver Community on the SKUSA website, to be introduced mid-2006

    Additional benefits depending on the specific region:

    All Saturday Events with no Holiday conflicts

    Maximum Seat Time – 50-80 laps per race day, depending on track and region.

    High Caliber Race Trophies (display in house instead of garage)

    Annual Race Number Reservation

    Tremendous Race Day Value for their money

    Merchandise awards at each event

    Stacey, this is just a partial list of the enhanced value that is realized by a SKUSA 2006 affiliation. When we speak on the phone, I can convey to you some of the marketing ideas we will implement through out the year.


    Jim Baltutis

    Jim Baltutis
    Versatile Motorsport Marketing / Media
    2735 N. Lincoln St.
    Burbank CA 91504




    I for one am convinced that we as kart racers or kart racers dads have a need for a “national orginization” with a “rule book” that will be followed to the “T” for the CSC series here in Colorado. If you all want to go back to the old rules of “No Rules” that you’ve had in the past, then adopt whatever rules that are in effect at each race track and each race track owners whims. At best I can tell it’s never worked in the past and I’m certain it won’t work in the future. I certainly think not adopting some type of National Sanctioning Bodies rules will certainly be a mistake and step backwards for the CSC Series. I for one wouldn’t mind giving the new SKUSA a chance as they seem to be racer friendly and have the racers best interest in mind.

    All I can say to the Colorado Racers is don’t take a step backwards with the series and make your views known so you aren’t stuck with whatever the rule of the week or rule of the track owner is at each event.

    Tim J. George
    Father of Seth Chapa

    Brad Linkus

    I for one have seen and heard enough empty promises from SKUSA for years. What is in that letter is nothing new, only smoke and mirrors.
    I am a little confused, are they supplying the trophies for all the CSC races? Race on Saturday, stupid idea, is that so we can all go to church on Sunday? 50-80 laps for a racer on race day, soooo, they already get that with practice, qualifying, heats and main. Tremendous race day value for the money, what free tires and fuel supplied by SKUSA, that would be good, NOT going to happen though. How much merchandise could they possibly give away for all the classes for each regional event?

    Is this proposal for a national race series or is this for the regions? I would rather see information on what classes they are proposing, what they are going to charge for their memberships and what EXACTLY you are going to get for it. Our club certainly did more for SKUSA last year than they did for us. This letter seems more about a national race program that a regional one. ?BEST OF ALL?, I could care less about a race in Brazil and most of the racers in Colorado could probably care less about a race that they won?t have a chance in hell to be able to race in also. Is ? A Lucky Winner? drawn from a hat, picked by your favorite SKUSA crony, or do they actually have to race for it. They are only sending one racer from each region so I suppose that?s where the membership fees are going to a racer in the pro class that is already sponsored anyway. The All for one mentality is not what our region needs.

    I say lets wait and see if the new SKUSA will even be around at the end of this season before we dive into this BS again.

    Doug Welch

    A printed rule book is only as good as the people who read it and enforce it. It doens’t matter who writes it, its how its enforced. I too want a rule book. But more importantly, I want it enforced. I don’t care who writes it.

    stacey cook

    Keep it coming, the Good, Bad and the Ugly….. :argue


    I’ve had the chance to work with Tom for a long time, he is definitely a go-getter and a good businessman. He has been a driver and shop owner and a local race promotor (and is champion in all of those) I can only see good things happening from him being SKUSA.

    We have used the SKUSA rules for many years now, and a lot of people have built their programs around it. Plus it took many years for SKUSA to get the rules to where they are. It would be foolish for us to go through all of those growing pains.

    As we can see from Jim’s letter above, the $75.00 gets well spent. In my eyes rules alone are worth $75.00. I know Tom see’s the passion that colorado has for this sport and the many good people in it. And truely he wants to do only good things in Colorado.

    So let him know your thoughts on SKUSA’s past and future.

    AJ Noud

    Brad Linkus

    I did not see anything about a $75 fee, the actual rules they are going to use or what classes they are going to offer in the new SKUSA. With a new organization all of that will be different, it was different every year anyway. Before you can make any decision about anything they should at least announce the details of what they are going to do for this season, not just their marketing plan. I am sure that Tom has good intentions but so did Joe and he bailed out after his plan did not work. I heard Joes speech last season and see what happened. Every year they change things so how do you build anythng around SKUSA rules. ICC’s, moto engines, TAGs, Comers, ICA, what next? Why is it going to take 6 months to do their web site? How long will it be before they even have a rule book to look at or the classes they are going to offer?

    Jim Keesling

    I have been waiting to see what Tom and staff were going to do with the company.
    I put forth my business plan to Tom and all the regions before I tried to buy SKUSA.
    Now the new owner won’t call me at all. I don’t do business that way.
    I can’t see the new plan working for the regional guy.
    I agree with Brad, lets see how they do business in the future.
    Any business arrangement needs to be in writing.

    Why doesn’t the Pro Kart Challenge require membership in the company he just purchased?

    As far as the rules go, I am writing them as we speak. We need them for The Track and The CSC. They will be what you would expect from a National Org. Printed and enforceable. I am taking what was learned from the past and moving forward. Not starting over as some would suggest.

    What SKUSA is offering is the promo for Pro Kart Challenge. (Lots of track time because no jr. classes, adults only please…)
    That doesn’t work here, it works there.

    Patience, patience, patience.



    Blink is there something wrong with going to church????

    I personally do not go to church, but my son and parents do. I have no problem with the racing on Sunday since it is my Son’s passion, however what is wrong with Saturday?


    If you are writing the rules is there going to be a conflict with the requirements STARS requires? Will I need motors for those races, and motors for here?

    To ALL,

    I was very happy with how SKUSA worked in this region last year. Not to say the new SKUSA will be better. The one thing I do know is that we as racers need a written rule book with enforcement by someone other than a TRACK OWNER. I have seen favortism rules applying to some, but not all. Don’t want to get into details, but if want to talk to me one on one about instances please pm me.

    Brian Moore,
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

    Brad Linkus

    There is nothing wrong with going to church, as long as its not on race day! Ever hear of the movie “on any Sunday”. It just does not sound as good “on any Saturday”. Besides many people work on Saturdays, not a good day to have racing unless its at night. Stars has nothing the same as the CSC so what is that all about?

    Mike Jansen

    Haven’t you all heard of church on Saturday evenings???

    I have a wait and see attitude. I’ve met Tom and he seems like a good egg.

    I also like the fact that regaurdless, a rule book is being writen as we speak.

    Fact: Brad’s awards were nice from a local stance and it WAS nicer than SKUSA (or did I have too much scotch?)

    If we have a rule book and enforce it then why can’t we play the “wait and see” game. 70 dollars kept locally is a lot of dough for US as racers. If they think the reason we should do this is to have a chance to go to Brazil I think we’re being had. I for one would rather pay our flaggers and get a competent crew than some of the volunteers (not all just a limited few). Give Ian and the other competent ones money for what they do.

    Y’all want to jump in bed with the first girl who says yes and we all know where that gets us at times, right 8) There is NOTHING wrong with waiting. Let’s not make rash decisions okay.



    Yeah your right STARS has nothing the same it is far better run and more organized. I was reffering to the engine/kart rules ie. the comer 80.

    Brian Moore,
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

    Brad Linkus

    Have you even run a Stars race? If you like it better than the CSC go and run at the back of the pack behind the $2500 Comer 80’s.



    As a matter of fact I have been to a STARS race multiple times. Have you been there to see a race that has been run to a schedule that is adhered too? Also have you been to a race where there is tech after qualifying, pre-final, and final? Brandon does not run at the back of the pack even though I spend far less than 2500 per motor. If you would like to know there are competitors spending up to 5500 per motor “yes for a comer 80”.

    Brian Moore,
    Father of Brandon #77 comer 80 and novice shifter

    P.S. I would much rather see my son mid pack at a race with top competitors than first with no competition to race against. I can buy a cheap trophy to throw in the closet with the rest if thats all we are looking for.

    Brad Linkus

    Why do you even care what we do with the CSC MR big time?

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