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    Shelley Bailey


    With less than 24 hours to the Mile High Challenge double header kick off, The Track is proud to announce that the Open Class is back!!

    • Age 15+
    • Open Weight
    • Open Tire
    • Open Motor
    • Sprint Chassis
    • Minimum of 6 karts on the track to run
    • Gates open at 6
    • Practice at 8
    • Qualifying at 9

    So all you sprint racers, get yourselves to the grid and be ready to hit the pavement when the green flag flies!

    For more information, please visit our website at or give us a call at 303.706.9300.

    Kirk Deason

    Awwww yeah. No weight minimums–perfect. All you punks with the Aixros and idle Vampires and mod motos better watch out. Team HARDKart is coming back! (well, maybe in a couple more weeks)

    Romanesko–better get yourself an ICA. It’s on like Donkey Kong.

    Terry Von Tilius

    Good call Jim.
    Always a great idea to open up to as many folks as possible.


    Chris Wogrin

    Kirk, the 80’s done! so just let me know when you need some company. Hopefully be able to race it a couple times this summer as well!
    See ya soon!
    Thanks Jim! hope we can get some interest in this class, can’t make Sunday (working) but maybe later!

    Ron Rudolph

    Ok, I’m In 😆 I will dust off the Pavesi and Mount it on The RBI ….. :loco ????

    Eddy Wyatt

    It’s a club race, GOOD call Jim. :clap:

    Curt Kistler

    Should be called, “Show-up-and-Blow-up” class. I love it and can’t wait to see what shows up. Kirk, if you need any help getting through the buss stop without tater diggin let me know. Have wrenches, will turn. I am alergic to spandex however.

    Chris Wogrin

    Yes, but the glory! the Acclaim! the chicks! as we cross the finish line in a ball of flames!!!

    Eddy Wyatt

    Curt, Deason and Chris, I love it, you guys are killin’ me!!!! 😆

    Down side for those of us that could have played this weekend at the old stomping grounds with our open machines, didn’t find out until yesterday. Minimum of 6 on one day notice………..rrrrreally :loco

    God is Great, Beer is Good and people are Crazy

    Kirk Deason

    Speaking of tater diggin, I have been spending all my time breaking and fixing the 4 stroke Briggs motors. I’m hoping to be able to spend my hard earned tuning dollars on the Hardkart really soon.

    Wogrin, that 80 will be a blast, are you leaving the front brakes on?

    I’m kidding myself that I will be able to RACE again but a couple times/summer will keep the dream alive. Thanks, Keesling.

    Curt Kistler

    I showed up for the “Open Class” yesterday and could not find anyone to play with so I wrenched on a couple karts that just so happened to qualify on the front row of TAG Sr.
    Come on Deason, you want some of this?????

    Kirk Deason

    You’ve got nothing, Kistler. Your kart is going to need a bigger motor.


    Nice shirt.


    Rick Schmidt

    I think he has a booger on his pinky (you have to look close) better not wipe it on that FTK shirt!

    Tony LaPorta

    And weren’t you makin fun of me for having to wear a knee brace last summer, Curt??
    Your old!

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