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    Hello all, I am getting the Karting bug and I am seriously considering picking up a 125 TaG kart in the spring. I have some questions though for those of you who have plenty of experience.

    First, here are my goals.
    I am not going to be racing initally, I will likely get a kart and use it recreationally. I bought a car a while ago, right around when second creek closed and realized that my goal to have a fun car that I could track once and a while was going to be tough to realize unless I wanted to drive all over the place. I live near a few tracks and it seems like a good way to pick up some skills and have fun.
    I am looking for fast, fun and reliable. Yes, I know that Karts have a lot of stresses going through them and that upkeep is required, but I would like to get something that has a lower likelyhood of failure or something that runs the max number of hours without a complete rebuild. I am handy, and all, but my time is limited.

    So for those of you who have a moment, if you have suggestions about what may be the best Karts or Motors for this type of use, or if you have any information on what is required for regular maintenance and upkeep I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

    Doug Welch

    Of all the options in karting, Tag problay offers the newbe the best value for the dollar. There are several engine choices but the two most common are the Leopard and the Rotax. Both a 2 cycles. You can find many of them used right now as many racers are looking to get new karts and at resonable prices.

    Of those two, the cheapest intially is the Leopard. With hard use, it will require a top end once maybe twice per season. The Rotax should go all season with out a rebuild. Both engines will consume chains and sprockets but the Leopard might consume one or two more over the season. For most racers, at seasons end, the costs of either the Leopard or Rotax will be about the same. There are other 2 cycles but none are as common as the above two.

    There are some new 4 cycle options that have just come out. They are expensive relative to the 2 cycles ($2,500-3,000). Most of them are in the $4,500 range but they appear to go a lot longer between rebuilds. Typical 2 cycles are 30 to 50 hours where the 4 cycles are 200 to 350 hours.

    A complete package for top line equpiment will be between $5,500 to $6,500 for a 2 cycle where the 4 cycles will be around $8,000 to $8,500.

    Welcone to our sport.

    Brad Linkus

    Biland 250cc 4-stroke. 200-300 hours before rebuild. I have new and used engines in stock. Biland has been the most reliable TAG kart engine in the market for the last 5 years. IMI Motorsports 303-833-4949

    Won 1st place TAG Masters TAGUSA World Finals 2007
    1st place TAG Masters SKUSA SuperNats 2007


    Thanks guys for the quick responses. I would be pretty interested in the 4stroke for the simple purpose of minimizing upkeep on the motor. Although the cost of the 2-stroke is much more appealing. I am a big picture guy though so if the 4 stroke is more cost effective in the long run, I may just go that way.

    Currently I am factoring in Kart costs, apparrel and helmet costs and trailer costs. I know there will be plenty more to consider. What other common pieces and parts will I want to have on hand?

    Ahh, and IMI is my closest track, about 5 minutes from my place, I may have to swing by to say HI when I have a chance.
    Do you mean 2006 for the race winnings?


    As far as the winning goes maybe Brad has a crystal ball?????

    Brian Moore

    Brad Linkus

    Yes, I do have crystal balls : The future of Karting = 4-STROKE !!!


    Garrick Mitchell

    Regarding 2-stroke rebuilds: What are “typical” costs for top end and top-to-bottom rebuilds?

    Yeah, I know, “typical” is a poor choice of words. Let’s just say a rebuild for the sole purpose of following the manufacturer’s service intervals with no problems evident. What order of magnitude are we talking? :idn:

    Angel Ramirez

    I do not think so blink, when only 2 4strokes shows up for masters races.
    2 strokes are the most popular and afordable class …yet. 😯

    Brad Linkus


    Leopard is the most popular 2-stroke engine in the USA for TAG. Rotax is the second most popular, I will figure it out too. Rotax should be about $100 more.

    Leopard parts for complete rebuild

    Piston and ring $107.53
    Pin $ 20.78
    Needle bearing $ 29.53
    Clips $2.18
    Rod kit $288.68
    Main bearings $43.74
    Seals $21.88
    Base gasket $2.96
    Outer Head oring $3.28
    Inner Head oring $5.47
    4 Stud orings $4.36

    Total parts $530.39

    Labor $250.00

    Total for just engine
    Rebuild, no clutch parts $780.39

    Brad Linkus


    2-strokes will always be cheaper to buy but in the short term. When you add up the rebuilds you will have to do the price of the 4-stroke is just about the same in the long run. And you will not have to have a spare engine in the trailer. The future of karting is the 4-stroke and it is coming sooner than you think.

    Eddy Wyatt


    Obviously you are the 4 stroke expert and advocate here. Could you give us the MSRP on the 4 strokes, i.e.

    – Biland
    – Oral rotary (sp?)
    – Vampire
    – TKM

    Is there more??? Additionally, where’s the closest service center/dealer for these engines?? I could not find much info on these engines or on importer/s.


    Angel Ramirez

    4 stroke are the future thanks to goverment reglations.
    how much to rbuild a biland?

    Brad Linkus

    The New Biland is $4275, Oral $4375, Vampire $4575, TKM $3000 Aixro XR-50 rotary $5500

    Engines4racing is the North American importer for all of the engines with parts and engines instock. We are the only service center at this time. (Engines4racing is owned by IMI Motorsports)

    303-833-4949 will be online next week.

    Brad Linkus

    Biland rebuild is $875 complete and you only have to do it every 200-300 hours. That is about 4-5 years of racing and practice. You will have to change the cam belt every 50 hours, 15 minutes to do it $11 for the belt. Change oil and filter every 10 hours, $13 with oil.

    Rodney Ebersole


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