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    Doug Welch

    Thanks to all at the CSC race at Bandimere. We had right around 130 entrants, making this event the biggest event in many years here in Colorado and the biggest event by far ever held at Bandimere. Most of the classes, enjoyed hugh fields of 15+ karts. We had 31 entrants in the Tag senior class so it was clear we had to create a Tag masters class. After some initial confusion over weights, we got it nailed and the racing went off without a hitch.

    I have got to thank the racers for supporting this series. It is why everyone works so hard to make your day an enjoyable one. I didn’t hear any major complaints so we must have done something right.

    I have to thank JB and Ann Louise for putting together a staff that worked very hard to get and keep things organized. Bobby did his usual yomans job at flags and we had corner workers throughout the track. I even saw the black flag displayed for rough driving. That was a hugh help and greatly improved the safety for the competitors. Hats off to the staff at Bandimere for doing such a good job.

    It was great to see so many come over from the western slope and its just unfortunate that more couldn’t make it due to the bad weather both south and west of Denver. For those of you who misssed it, you missed highs in the 60’s and very clear and sunny skies. I think just about everyone went home with sunburned, tired and happy. I know we did.

    Thanks again to all the racers for making the first event of the 2004 season so good. I’ll say it again, if you want big fields filled with very fast karts, there is only one place to race in Colorado, the Colorado Sprint Championship series.

    Coming up next is the race in Grand Junction on May 16. I fully expect that this event will be even larger as we expect several out of state teams to come in for a little practice for the SKUSA Pro Moto event the following weekend. It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t have close to 150 racers or more for that event. I would also urge any of you, particularly in the Tag classes, to run the PMT at GJ. You will come away very impressed with professionalism of the staff and the very, very high level of competition.

    I expect that we will go over the 150 mark at the IMI event on June 13. IMI is always a big draw and this year given the growing popularity of the CSC, it should make this the largest event in Colorado history.

    See ya at the races!


    Thanks for the update Doug. With the splitting of the tag class into senior and masters, and to avoid any future ignorance and/or confusion, what are the weights for masters?


    Taylor Broekemeier

    I believe it was decided that the masters class was SKUSA weights plus 30. I run a Sonik in TaG Senior and i was at 375lbs, so a TaG Masters Sonik would be 405lbs.


    Kudos to all involved. All things considered the event went pretty well.

    Now from an officials point of view:

    We should never allow ourselves the luxury of re-writing class rules the day of an event. Nothing against the TaG guys, but deciding on a new TaG class added well over an hour to a schedule that was already going to be pressed for time and daylight. And that while others with no dog in the fight wanted to start racing.

    Transponders – we need to learn where these all-important devices should be placed. We lost at least an additional hour or two because some people didn’t put their transponders where the loop could read them consistently if at all. This caused people to be scored completely wrong or not at all. Having to rectify the situation (because we have no rule covering prople who don’t place transponders correctly) ate up more time needlessly that I care to think about.

    Had just these two problems not arisen (and were well within our collective ability to control) we could have been done by 3 or 4 instead of damned near 7.

    Also: Can anyone tell me what the proper driver response to either standing or waved yellow flag is? It appears that most people think it means to continue at race speed, with zero acknowledgement. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think that’s quite right.

    And finally…….

    Did anyone see that wicked,silly and sick fast Irishman out there in TaG Sr.? Holy Smokin Rockets can that guy go!

    The Kid Kart class was AWEsome – 13 karts! What a field!

    Special Kudos to the Kids in Jr 1 – excellent racing and great show!

    Great Job by Drewfus…………….er…………….. Drew doing the announcing and Ad Hoc administration.

    Thanks to the food folks. Great Chow!

    The PA guys were super and hearing all of James Gang Rides Again really took me home.

    Congrats to Larry Gonzales on his first win in class (4 cycle sr) over Rod Ebersole. THAT was a great race.

    Special thanks to all of our hard-working track workers – often unnoticed and always underappreciated.

    Although I would have prefered to have gotten home around dinner time, I guess I had a pretty good day. Hope y’all did too.

    Mike Jansen


    my transponder wasn’t working. How does one check to make sure it works? I don’ t want to go through that again. I wasn’t thrilled going out for 4 laps (with a clear track, while in qualifying there is traffic) to requalify.

    However, it sure beats starting from the back of the pack!

    Great racing.

    I think the guy who took 1st in TAG Sr was using some of Dennis Garwood’s illegal fuel :bang :walk . Kudo’s to the new guy in the class!


    Good Point!

    I know that there are some transponders that “don’t work”. We need to identify those transponders, isolate them and have them replaced/repaired, so what happened to Mike won’t happen again.

    If someone wants to volunteer to assist, I have to be at IMI for some routine timing and scoring stuff Saturday afternoon for Brads program. If I had some help we could go through each transponder in his inventory (same transponders we used yesterday) and find the non-working ones for him without having to fuss with it on race day (not the time to do this)

    Another remedy and a good one too (at least I think so) is for everyone to think seriously about getting a personal transponder. They’re not cheap, but they are quite reliable and will last for years with decent care. People tend to take better care of what is theirs that what belongs to someone else, plus personal transponders aren’t subjected to the same types of abuse as community-use transponders. I had one and was damned glad I had it.

    Also Brad was telling me about this new system he’s heard about that seems very cool. Maybe he could chime in with more info.

    At the rate we’re growing we’ll need more transponders soon anyway.

    PS: I don’t think Donal had any of that so-called Secret Fuel Additive. This guy just drove the frikken wheels off that kart.

    @Mike Jansen wrote:


    my transponder wasn’t working. How does one check to make sure it works? I don’ t want to go through that again. I wasn’t thrilled going out for 4 laps (with a clear track, while in qualifying there is traffic) to requalify.

    However, it sure beats starting from the back of the pack!

    Great racing.

    I think the guy who took 1st in TAG Sr was using some of Dennis Garwood’s illegal fuel :bang :walk . Kudo’s to the new guy in the class!


    Glad you guys had a great time! I am also glad that we made the descision not to come up as we had a ton of snow here in the mountains, it has rained here for almost 4 days straight and is expected to continue for the rest of the week!!! Also glad I didn’t get to leave the track at 7pm, would have put us home at around 3am!!! only to get up for work at 6am!!

    See you all at GJ


    That was an awesome day, could have went a little smoother in the early morning, but in the end it was a good time.

    The Iraishman in TAG was super fast. Rumor is he was a champion several times over in Ireland, in the formula series.

    Doug Welch

    Chaz is just jazzed that “his” kart actually was capable! We always knew it wasn’t the kart!!!

    Angie MacEwen

    That was some great racing! It was good to see all the familiar faces at the track, plus so many new ones. With this kind of start, it is bound to be an excellent season!

    I want to thank you all for not hounding me for the results to be posted!! Like everyone else, we got home quite late, and this morning it was back to the school and work routine, plus unloading the trailer… Anyway, I am working on the results and points pages for the series, and will let you know as soon as I have them done! First race always takes a little more time to get it all set up.

    angie :rotate:


    This being my first CSC event, I was very impressed. The people running the event kept things moving and they seemed to be very organized.

    The turnout was also amazing. 😯 I wasn’t expecting half that amount of people to show up….

    Question for Chaz,

    Where is the optimum placement for the transponder clip? Mine was placed at the very front of the left hand side pod.

    I look forward to the next event. This time, I’ll try to bring a motor that won’t go BOOM after 10 laps of qualifying. 👿

    Mike Jansen


    We should have put an “s” on the side of the kart. Then we could have said, “look at that s car go!” :bang

    Are you SURE he didn’t talk to Dennis about fuel additives?

    Seriously, he drove his arse off.


    Ben Schermerhorn

    he was like a couple tenths off of the G1 class!!!! 😯

    Marc Elliott

    The race was well done, although some schduling issues are questionable (giving kids trophys before the classes can go out put us back an hour, then the power problems which were purley accidental due to over use of power, at least i think). Racing was extremly good in most of the classes, in TaG Masters, TaG Junior, Pro 125, and some other classes had challenges for the lead many times. The racing was fairly clean, minus the innevitable contact. All problems were handled well, and for the most part the day was very fun for us, we had many problems such as the gas pedal breaking off the frame in the tag. The shifter wouldent run during break in because it got loaded up from heat cycling with the richer jet. The tag also broke a ground cable and wouldnot start early in the morning. Oh well, it was a great way to start the season, and should be huge in GJMS.
    Thanks to everyone who helped us yesterday.

    P.S. Donel Loughry kicked all of our asses, it was only the second time he had driven the kart i belive. Like ben said, he was only 2 tenths slower then the top G1 qualifer. He is someone that can win races without any problems. :cheers:

    J.B. Olmstead

    Thanks to all of you who attended , Ann-Louise and I really werein a panic mode for several weeks preparing for what turned out to be a monumental day for us.
    The racing was udderly fantastic – seeing A.J. Hathaway giving Jack Warrington all he could handle was just short of un-real ! Especially since A.J. was carring a plus 50 Lbs !
    Corey Sipes had the race of his life — way 2 go Corey !
    130 Racers WOW , I’ve taken a few pictures from altitude of the nearly full pits , I hope Angie will display them for my dearest friend in Colorado springs !

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