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    Brad Linkus

    Official announcing of the IMI/TheTrack Colorado race series dates for 2007. We are trying to come up with a name for it, suggestions? RMax dates will be run in conjunction with the series races with separate Rotax classes. All other classes will be run. You will be allowed 1 drop at each track for the IMI/TheTrack series. More information on classes etc? at the annual Colorado kart meeting on Jan 27 6:00pm IMI Motorsports. Free Pizza and beer!

    March 11 TheTrack
    April 1 TheTrack RMax
    April 15 IMI
    April 29 IMI
    May 20 TheTrack RMax
    June 24 IMI Rmax
    July 22 TheTrack Rmax
    Aug 5 IMI
    Sept 9 IMI
    Sept 16 TheTrack
    Oct 7 IMI
    Oct 14 TheTrack

    CSC race series dates will not be included in the IMI/TheTrack series for points.

    2007 CSC Schedule

    Race #1…….May 6……..Action Karting at Bandimere Speedway

    Race #2…….June 10……Grand Junction Motor Speedway

    Race #3…….July 15…….The Track at Centennial

    Race #4…….Aug 26…….IMI Motorsports

    Race #5…….Sept 23……Grand Junction Motor Speedway

    5 races, no drops.


    lets call it:

    Mile High Series

    Tony LaPorta

    Ok i got a couple questions
    1. with this new combined series does that mean that the normalclub series is like totally terminated :lame
    2. Why the heck are we combining the two series :bs: , i know i might be goin off on a limb here but dosent CLUB SERIES mean AT ONE TRACK :poh

    Joe Hawley


    Rodney Ebersole

    Roadrunner, Yes it does sound as if the “normal club series” is like totaly terminated except in the southern and western Colorado region. I’ll go out on a limb and say that it was a great idea.
    In the past we have had 4 club series orginized to get kart racers to race togather with each one having about 15 race dates that overlaped like crazy. This meant if there are say 40 Jr. Tag racers in Colorado and 4 tracks racing on the same day you would be lucky to have 10 other racers to race against in one of the “Clubs”. If you were unlucky and choose the wrong track to go to that day you could even end up with nobody to race against. Combining two area tracks to one race series will make it very easy to know where your fellow competitors will be at and will also make winning that series not so Lame.
    Lame would be if all 5 of our sprint tracks had seperate clubs and race days promoted to all the same racers on the same day.
    We only have about 20 weekends to have fun doing this. Not haveing 75 races to choose from makes the odds much better to be at a track that has someone to race against.

    larry toby

    Kudos to Brad and Jim and anyone else who helped work on this solution. I think it is a great idea to consolidate these two series! It will provide front range drivers a bigger field, more competition, and a chance to drive two different tracks within a local series. I bet there are not too many places in this country where you can get that kind of opportunity. And no conflicts with the CSC secheudle! Thanks guys!

    Brad Linkus

    A group of persons organized for a social, literary, athletic, political, or other purpose.

    A number of games, contests, or sporting events, with the same participants, considered as a unit.

    Sorry to disappoint you Roadrunner, but having every track in the state with their own unique series for the 150 or so karters has not made racing better. In an effort to increase the number of competitors at each event and to make the club races financially viable, Jim and I have decided to join forces together rather than work against each other. In doing this we have reduced each of our races by half. We have also reduced the number of CSC races by four. This allows karters to race two complete race series if they choose. You can race just the CSC races, race the IMI/TheTrack series, or you can race both series. At the end of the season we will have a banquet like we normally do and there will be two sets of awards, one for each series. We would much rather have 70-100 competitors at each club event than the 30-40 that we had last season. What is so lame about that? It makes no sense to keep running races that loose money for both Jim and myself.

    The tires and spec oil for the Rmax races will be what is required for the Rmax series. The other classes will not be required to run the tires and spec oil that the Rotax classes run.


    I thought the definition of “club” was something totally different! :bs:

    Mike Jansen

    It’s nice to see Brad finally shaved off his mustache. Althought the hat might be a bit much. 8)


    See y’all soon. Hopefully we’ll have a day or so to practice and the tracks will be void of snow and mud…


    His eyes certainly weren’t that clear in Monte Carlo either!



    If you haven’t seen their website lately. It is pretty cool and they have added more.

    Check it out



    Brad & Jim,

    Your reasoning for a combined Club series is right on. Great thinking, it will be a great club series

    Thanks for listening to racers constructive thoughts.

    Keep the tire/oil and gas rules open as you have stated. That will drive the costs down.

    Number “”””51″””” has been my number for 8 yrs please do not choose it.


    Mike Jansen

    I’ll check out the website.
    Rich, I’ve got squatters rights on that number too! It’ll cost you a gatorage in August… Glad to see you’re back…

    Mike Edwards

    Blink……….If your “Barney”, than Angie must be “Aunt Bee”, Keesling could be Floyd “the barber”, Doug Welch “Gober” We still need an Otis ect…. 😆

    Anyway, great idea guys. How bout naming it “The Mayberry Cup”

    Mikey :cheers:


    I think this will work out great. But I’m unlcear on a few things.

    RMax dates will be run in conjunction with the series races with separate Rotax classes.

    #1. Does this mean that the dates with RMax will have BOTH RMax races and club races on the same day?

    #2. If both are run on the same day will Tag Masters and RMax Tag Masters run separately or at the same time?

    #3. If both RMax TM and TM run at the same time are there two different sets of tires / oil running at the same time?

    #4. What Oils and tires for the club series (MG Yellows? Mojos?)

    #5. Will there be any sort of registration for numbers for the club series?
    If so I’d like to keep #12 that I had last year at the Track. My concern is that there may be more number conflicts with more drivers. But having more drivers is good.

    Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to list out the dates / specs for each class / series separately.

    Mile HI Series, Front Range Series, both sound good to me. Could even do something like TTIMI or NECO series (N.E. Colrado).

    As someone with only a few months of experience and no Rotax engine I’m very pumped about this series. Not sure I’m ready for CSC quite yet so this provides a good growth / learning series while being able to run against some people from CSC who might use this for a practice series.


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