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Doug makes a good point about cutting practice down. But, I know Angie was trying to get people a lot of track time, which is commendable. I think the first single practice of 10 minutes was good.

In defense of the scoring, which I observed, Angie TOTALLY kick butt with what she had. She explained she was using the system set up at GJ not her own. In the future she said it going to be much easier to do that job. PS. I think Angie could use extra help in scoring during qualifying, any volunteers? She also said that she wanted to require transponders during practice to head off any non reading units. So she’ll need the help of racers to be on that in practice.

Also, for GJ specifically. I think the heats and possibly the mains could have been a little shorter. The heats went on forever.

But, its the old double edge sword. Track time equals day time. The more track time the longer the day will be.

It’s great that we all can creatively critique the program. The great thing is these are all very small issues. And when all your dealing with are small issues you know your nailing it pretty hard.

Small issues included(what race doesn’t have that) the event ran extremely well. Trust me I’ve seen bad ones.