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    Ben Schermerhorn

    I was wondering because we run the IMI series, and was wondering if everyone was gonan be down there and no one to race up here.

    Please let me know! 😀

    George Durdin

    CRE Motorsports and our membership will be at the event in force with racers in the Junior I, International and Masters classes as well as a few 80 and 125 shifters.
    Many thanks to Doug Welch for his involvement and support of this event which will give CRE and its membership a premier opportunity to showcase CRE Motorsports Park and our WKA sanctioned program to our Southern Colorado patrons. This will be a tremendous boost to our on going membership drive and growing program.
    Come on down and help support the growth of kart racing in Southern Colorado. The more the merrier!!


    I am running at IMI.


    Ben in answer to your original question, I know that in talking to the drivers at the CSC event last weekend there was alot of interest in going to the Springs and supporting Karting in the state of Colorado. I do beleive that the Boys from DNA will be there as well as Bite Me Racing. We would love to see you there but understand if you are not. I would also like to thank Doug for his support in helping to grow Karting in the state, 158 participants at the IMI CSC on the 13th! I doubt that anybody can boast any numbers close to that at any current race!

    Drew Kunter
    “Da Mouth”
    Bite Me Racing Products


    I’ll be at IMI.

    Was going to go to CO Springs for the race down there but found out I’ve got an Auto-x race on saturday, so staying up here for the weekend.

    J.B. Olmstead

    Well , If I understand correctly , King George is hosting this entire event , thanking Doug “for his involvement” , with the intention of building kart racing “In Southern Colorado , and CRE Motorsports” !
    I support building kart racing in Colorado as much as any one , and I do sincerely hope that King Georges efforts will help the North and Western karters as well.
    I will give King George a proportionate amount of support compareable to his efforts to support kart racing in all of Colorado.
    You have my wishes ,

    George Durdin

    You need to pull your head out every now and then to smell the fresh air.
    I would like to refer you to Mr.Welch’s post of May20th on the CK forum
    in which he invites the CSC contingent to participate in an EXHIBITION in downtown Colorado Springs on June 27th. Doug is not the promoter but is the acting race director of the event. CRE IS NOT the host as you imply. CRE Motorsports and our supporters will be there as previously indicated to promote kart racing in Southern Colorado. We truly appreciate the opportunity to put our program and facility before our Southern Colorado patrons in an exhibition in downtown Colorado Springs that is supported by Mr.Welch. We plan to take full advantage of the opportunity afforded us by the promoter and Mr. Welch.
    I am glad to here that you will be down to help us grow our sport in Southern Colorado…..just how many of your team will be down?
    See you on the 27th…………..

    Jack Warrington

    what classes will run?

    Angie MacEwen

    The poster I have says
    Kid Karts (5-7years old)
    Junior 1 (8-12)
    Junior Tag (12-15)
    80 Shifter (13-15)
    125 Shifter (16 +)
    Senior Tag 125
    participant awards
    $50 entry Deadline June 21

    Mike Jansen


    I previously said I’ll be going south for this event. There have been some changes for me and I will NOT be attending. Sorry for the last minute change of plans.



    I think that you are missing the point. Why promote karting in just Southern Colorado? Why not promote it in the entire State of Colorado? I think that if you ask the promoter of Speed Week and this race you will find that he is not only interested in Southern Colorado or the State of Colorado, but the entire country! That is what this sport needs. We need to promote the sport to the entire state. Then the entire country!

    We have the opportunity with the local club races at all of the tracks, the CSC (with 150 + participants), the Colorado Springs National Grand Prix (this race we are discussing), and the race that Mr. Keesling has put together with the Denver Grand Prix people (at the Pepsi Center in August) to make Colorado into one of the Premier Karting centers in the Country. Hell, let’s make that North America! (Can I get an AMEN!)

    The first step is to learn to play together in the sandbox. Those of us in the CSC come from all parts of the state and have formed a big family. Yes, it is sometimes a disfunctional family, but it is still a family. 😆

    Let’s share the love this weekend and bring new converts to our addiction, karting! :cheers:

    Drew Kunter
    Bite Me Racing Products


    We are going to go, but……I sure hope that the course is set to be reasonably flat – sometimes tough to do…….I sure don’t want to tear up our equipment running an exibition “race.” 🙄


    I’d like to run in Colo Springs, but IMI is my local track and I want to support it, so I’ll be running at IMI this weekend.

    Ben Schermerhorn

    Same here charlie, we decided to goto IMI. :dance:

    Doug Welch

    I have been talking with the organizers in the Springs and with NKA that is providing insurance. Things are shaping up quite nicely. It appears that everything will be in place and we can play.

    They are asking that we start arriving no earlier than 7:00 AM and things will kick off around 9:00 AM. We will organize the racers to run in groups and we will run one group after another. We will have the race schedule out later this week.

    I am asking that everyone remember what this is, an exhibition race. It will be fun with many spectators. They are expecting over 10,000 people in downtown Colorado Springs and many of them will come by to have a look.

    This event is about promoting karting. It not about the CSC or CRE or any other organization or track. Its about karting. All racers are invited to attend and all the tracks are invited to come down, set up a booth and show off in front of a crowd of hundreds if not thousands of potential racers. I hope all who come understand the nature of this event and have the good time we know that karting is all about.

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