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    Craig Mansfield

    :idn: I understand the need to fuel the younger drivers to the next level. What I don’t understand is the masters class generally one of the largest not receiving better and more prizes. Three trips for seniors,one for masters. Why not equal prizes for this group. What are you comments? Check the super Nats. What ups.

    Garrick Mitchell

    Is it because the common perception is that Masters are (a) doing it for fun, and (b) can afford their equipment, and therefore don’t value prizes as much?

    That’s how I remember it being in bicycle racing… The Masters were in it “for fun,” although it was widely acknowledged that the 35+ race was one of the hardest-fought. Cycling also went through the proliferation of “old new guys” in the sport… Once Lance Armstrong started doing his thing in France, lots of older guys discovered the sport. Suddenly, there was an influx of rookies into what was once the domain of guys who started racing as teenagers, but who were now raising families. Suddenly, there was a huge demand for an “old guy beginner race” at each event.

    In the end, it ended up being a case of the older racers subsidizing the younger ones with reduced (or zero) entry fees, prizes, etc. Would that fly in the karting community? I’m not the one to answer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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