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    Rick Schmidt

    I think Rods idea of racing on ice could be great. Rod may have a possible lake to set up a course that would be awesome. Can you imagine a road course in a very high grip situation on the ice? I would vote for turning right and left. In your Tag? With your buds?

    Anyway. Just seeing if anyone would come out and play.

    Rod. What would it cost to modify the tires? How long do they last? Can anyone do it? Would we need to worry about cold sticks on the 2 stroke? The Vampire would love it. Could we pit on the lake itself and / or does the bank give good access to the lake? Would there be a fee to use the lake?

    I think it would be cool (pun)


    I think we’ll stick with The Track’s winter races.

    Sounds less dangerous.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Ricky Booby,
    With possible 80’s in Vegas on my mind I may be a little frigid with them questions.
    The care taker of The Trout club lake has shown lots of interest in using the lake for some karting fun.
    As any caretaker of anything there is a lot of details to work out before a bunch of buds are making snow cones. As you see in that Ebay add, tires could be the biggest challenge in keeping it fun and fast.
    The spike chain tires on a higher HP kart is nothing but dangerous, I like them best, but I should limit my own madness and at least look at other forms of ice racers and learn.
    IMO the screws would be enough and safer for side by side racing, which I am most interested in rather than timed events with saw blades and spikes. That said it’s still an unkown as to what would be best. I have been utilizing a $13.00 6″snow blower tire as it has enough tread depth to screw into with out puncher’s. O well too much to type, tires suck in all seasons.
    I have heard of a studded kart tire but haven’t found the source.
    “Can anyone do it?” Rick, I am living proof anyone can do it.
    I think I can I think I can I think I can……

    “Cold stick?” LOL, That’s what will probably happen to me the first run in Vegas. I don’t think my magic 55/2 will work at either place.
    More air in cold air plus the thermal advantages of cold air intake, coupled with thin air @10,000ft. humm maybe the 55/2 would work.

    Rainbow Falls is another possibility, they clear the snow off all ready.

    Jeff Field

    Rick, I’m interested.

    I’ve got some time on Georgetown lake with “Our gang” ice racing. They have cooperated in the past with a local Subaru group to do events on the days they are out there for testing. That may be an option, but I recall they have some funny AWD requirement (could be insurance related). Maybe that would be irrelevant if they consider a few kart days for us.

    Most of them pit on the ice, but the dirt lots are just a boat ramp away.

    I also like the sound of Rainbow or another private spot.

    I don’t think going side by side with spikes will be a reality. The TT format may be less exciting, but I think everyone can see why it is the most likely format.

    I’ve got a few ideas for modifying kart tires with some simple hardware.

    Fat jets and big gloves! I like this idea.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Just got an email from Gary with extreme ice, the Loveland event center race will be back 1/19/08. For more details go to http://www.icespeedway.com
    I have the winning kart from the last time the event was raced there if anyone is interested in a quick and ready to go setup.
    Coloardo karters did a poor job marketing karting to the huge crowd in the stands last time this event came to our state. The time is here to get prepared, anyone interested?
    Is there some Vampire owners interested in testing and forming a team effort? Also the mod animal fits well into this race format.
    Sprint chassis’s can fit into wka speedway rules format too, so don’t let not having an offset kart to work with stop you from participating. In fact I am thinking my D tube GP with left front brakes and a Vampire is what I want to take the the checkers.
    I have 1 degree temps up here this morning so the practice tracks are starting to take shape. Order up on the Silver Rocket racing studs, Gary’s stud and tire rules would probably be the best rules to follow if we wish to have some of our own wheel to wheel sprint coarse races with all motor packages.

    Rodney Ebersole

    I only can guess we don’t have any racers on here?

    Rick Schmidt

    Post by Freezeman on Fri 11 23, 2007 7:17 pm
    I only can guess we don’t have any racers on here?

    Speak for yourself Rod.

    This Vampire team would love to get in front of a crowd and make some snow cones.

    Your competitors would be much better off run over by the Silver Rocket racing studs than your potato peeler / deer whistle, D tube job.

    Jeff Field

    I went wheel to wheel on ice in my kart last night (in a dream).

    Curt Kistler

    @jibco wrote:

    I went wheel to wheel on ice in my kart last night (in a dream).

    Your sleeping with the wrong girl :joker

    Jeff Field

    Has anyone ever contacted Our Gang about karts on Georgetown?
    They have a fun day Dec 28. That is assuming the ice is ready.

    I’ve never even thought about running a YZ125 in cold weather. Is it as simple as running a super fat jet? Put more oil in the mix? What type of oil is preferred?

    Rodney Ebersole

    I wouldn’t change up much from what is ran in Denver on a cool day. The increase in altitude would call for smaller jetting while the cold temps make for better air or larger jetting , about canceling each other out. The nasty cold air and ice is your motors friend more so than 112 degree dry air of summer time racing.
    Cold fuel is the choice even in the summer time. Just shake it up well. Increasing your oil ratio is leaning your fuel ratio. I don’t see the need to do that either.

    Rodney Ebersole

    The 19th is coming quick. Next weekend will be a test and tune day here. It’s not to late to order your silver rockets and be in the show.
    If anyone has a blade mounted on a quad and would like to come play next week, that would be great.
    I didn’t get a Vampire under my Charley Brown Christmas Tree so I wont be able to show one off to the fans. Can You?

    Rodney Ebersole

    Get out of the house tonight and watch some indoor ice racing at the Budweiser Event Center. Show starts at 7:30

    Curt Kistler

    Well I can now cross off my Bucket List, “Go see an ice race”. We made the journey from Castle Rock to Loveland to watch the races last night. I even brought the on-board camera for Jay to wear as he chased Rod around the skate rink. First the bad news, the camera blew up just as Jay and I were trying to get it properly aimed while mounted to the top of his SNELL approved helmet. So much for that idea. I made it back to our turn two seats where I found Deb and Matt readily awaiting the start of the nights events. I must say, the ICE group does a very good job in presenting their event. They obviously have alot of experience putting these events on all across the USA. The croud was almost at full capacity and very loud, along with the Rock-and-Roll music blaring over the PA system. The atmosphere was almost that of an indoor supercross or monster truck event with the wave making an appearance started by two small boys in front of us tht did not give up until it hit a full 360′. Even the track anouncer, who was very talented, got into the wave and brought it to title wave status. We alll thought the two boys should just give up as only 25-50 at best were participating at first, then 50-100, 150-250, then full sections, and after 20 minutes of starting over and over, there she blows!!!! It was very cool.(Literally)
    After the rider introductions, yes karter got pimped again, there was the National Anthem followed by more rock as the excitment grew. Budwiser beer was now flowing through the veigns of this awsome facility wittnessed by the actions of the hammer heads sitting all around us. You had to be there to see what I mean. It reminded me of the good old days when IMI would have the year end trophy awards banquet and invite the “dirt trackers”. Some of you know what I mean….
    We watched a few heat races of Pro bikes, Pro quads and not-so-pro stuff with no studs. It was pretty entertaining to say the least, and the pro bikes really hook up on the ice. If the riders were not careful the bike would wheely over. They had plenty of grip around the tight corners, and full contact is something you had better prepare for. Not once did we see any finger throwing, gesters or fist pumping all night. All the drivers and riders had a blast and were very well behaved. (Take note karters)
    The first kart heat race took place after the Zamboni cleared the track of what could have generated 200K sno-cones. Jay was on pole next to Rod with a couple of other tater diggers behind them. The smell of alcohol was now in the air as they put down about five warm uplaps. Jay got everyone in formation and the starter dropped the green. It looked to me like Freezman had some power issues and Jay took off pretty hard and lapped the field. He looked like he may have found a new love grinding up ice and sawing the wheel to keep from looping. Right on the verge of every turn the kart wanted to swap ends, but the Jake of All Trades held onto her and tamed the ice like he was at Centennial on a 75′ day with new slicks. Pretty impressive I must say, and the crowd seemed to like the heat race as well.
    The main was pretty much the same, but with ten laps. Rod seemed to find his power, but looked loose. He ran with Jay until the field started to bunch up then it was on. Lot’s of bumping and grinding going on behind Jay allowing him to open up a demanding lead that held up until the last lap. Seems Jay got a little taken away by the size of the crowd and looped his kart. He was able to keep the motor running, collect his wits and get pointed back in the right direction just in front of the on coming pack. They all raced for the checker with the Jakester taking the win. I am almost certain he is still there signing autographs with his new found fans making Rod put everything away for another year.
    We had a blast, and like I said, it was very refreshing to see an organization run as smooth and professional as the ICE crew did last night.

    There you go race fans. Most likley the longest post of my Colorado Karter carreer. Just thought you wanted to know what goes on up North on cool nights.

    PS: We did get some footage from the other camera that I will try to get Matt to upload. I know, I know, where is the GGP footage you promised????? Still waiting to reformat everything. The job change made me burn CD’s and I used a different format that now will take about $400.00 of software to correct. My bad.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Thanks for the great report. Jay did an awesome job of preparation and driving, where my rig was supposed to be a snow cone maken machine it turned out to be a donut maker instead. I Thank AJ Hathaway for all the help he gave me and Jay during the event too. With a little work we could make next year a bigger show for karts.
    Thanks for coming up and cheering us on.

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