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    Shelley Bailey

    Youth ages 14-18 and their parents, come out and participate in an innovative program designed by Bruce Murakami who lost his wife and daughter to a car accident by a teen driver racing down their neighborhood street! His program is called TRACK (Teaching Road Awareness and Consequences to Kids) and he is bringing it here, to our very own Colorado track straight from Florida! This Saturday, October 5th, teens and their parents will experience this one-of-a-kind course:
    :banana Active Driving Practice in Professional Karts
    :banana Instructor-led classroom training
    :banana Hand’s-on DUI and Distracted Driving Challenge
    :banana Obstacle course using golf carts
    :banana Catered Lunch
    :banana Prizes

    Please visit their website to register (the event is FREE) at http://www.safeteendriver.org, space is limited!
    See you at The Track!!!!


    How can I help?


    Shelley Bailey

    Hi Ian,

    We need help spreading the word about this amazing opportunity for youth and their parents! They have been doing it in Florida at Anderson very successfully for three years! There are slots still available, so please share with everyone you know who has/knows kids ages 14-18! :green

    Have a great day!

    Leo Ahearn

    Darned it! I saw this at 10:02AM today… had I seen it prior we would have brought our 18 YO down.

    Let us know if there are any more planned for the area please!!! :peace

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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