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    Rick Schmidt

    Was a Great race!!!

    Many of us miss the Steamboat and the Greeley races and have hoped for another temp race since.

    I’ve heard a lot of reasons why it can’t or shouldn’t be done.

    You guys pulled of a great race in a great location with some great on track action.

    Keep the temp races coming, racers want them! And if this is going to be an anual race and it is possible to change the circuit up a little each year, it will challenge the tuner and driver alike and null any home field advantage, a huge part of the allure temp racing in my opinion.

    Performance One did some badd a$$ coverage of the event! It sure clears any mis conception around what happened in an incident. The quality and instant replays were phenominal! First class Robb.

    Nice work!

    Thanks, Rick

    Kirk Deason

    I had a great time, the atmosphere was exciting and the entire event was well run.

    I’d like to thank whomever was thoughtful enough to find my watch and turn it in at the gate. I was doing wheelies on Jeff’s bicycle and flipped over backwards (smooooooth). Other than busting my ass, my watch came off and I didn’t realize it was gone until I got back to my pit. I went back to the scene of the my mad freestyle moves and couldnt find it. I checked the gate yesterday and sure enough, some kind soul had turned it in—saving me A LOT of stress. Thanks to the CO karting community for your honesty.

    Jeff Field

    We had a really great time. It was an interesting experience seeing the carnage and the team efforts to get machines and drivers turned around in the pits and back to the grid for the next session. I hope those with injuries will heal up fast and fully.

    Thanks to all the folks that made this happen. Just off the top of my head, Jim, Chris, Josh, Carolyn, Matt, the EVENT SPONSORS. Thanks.

    The cash on the podium was a nice end to the weekend! Jim, can you repeat who we have to thank for that?


    Curt Kistler

    42:683 is very impressive for a Stock Moto Jeff. Fastest time of the weekend :clap: :clap:

    42:361 is not that far off from Ben’s Pepsi Center Track Record. :clap: :clap: :clap:

    That was not an easy circuit to get around in those times. Alan was at 43:189 in the DD2. Plus, did you see Dale Kistler Collin’s time in the TAG Sr main??? WOW Cuz, you laid down some very impressive laps as well. 43:723 Rocked!!!!

    Jeff Welch

    I thought the race was well run and organized. Good announcing, officiating, everything on time, great TV work, etc. The track layout was fun, challenging, and had a lot of excellent passing opportunities.

    I second Rick on changing up the layout to keep things interesting for the drivers and tuners. Plus, I would like to see a few of the corners re-routed to avoid the worst of the bumps. The blind corner going onto the straight was a bit scary ’cause you couldn’t see where the wrecks were, and the final turn had nothing to stop you if you lost your brakes. Other than that, I thought the barriers were intelligently placed to keep people from using too much track but also allow lots of runoff room and keep people safe.

    Fun race!

    Mike Jansen

    Simply incredible.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I knew OF Jim Keesling via sailing when I lived and sailed in Southern California. Gang, he’s going to do the same thing in Karting and his actions are speaking louder than his words! Hitch your wagon to a rising star!

    This race rocked, period. There is NOTHING that needed changing. I liked the pucker factor coming around the transformer corner onto the back straight. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FLAGGERS!!! Not once did I feel concerned about my safety due to your lack of inattention. Not once. :clap:

    Next year I’ll be ready to race and I’m already counting the days and saving my pennies.


    1) It was great racing against the likes of Andy Seesman, John Crow and Alan Rudolph. You got a serious gauge of how your talent measures up against the best in the nation. I never had a chance to talk to Rudolph but John & Andy are top notch guys who were open and approachable. Many of us could learn a thing or two by asking them questions and watching them drive.

    2) We all have complained about the lack of media exposure and racing in the rural and remote areas where no one comes to see us race except for Greeley (and I cannot make ANY comments about thast race since I wasn’t there) THIS WAS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!!! We had several cameras covering us. JUMBOTRONS like at major sporting events! Announcing. And it’s going to be replayed during prime time. Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

    3) I heard a few people say the entry fee was expensive and not affordable. Let me get this straight: 495 included a set of tires; It included a pail of VP fuel (a 60 dollar expense?); a test and tune (normally a 50 dollar expense); a pit pass (a 20+ dollar expense for all days covered); and 6 pit passes included in your registration (a 60 dollar expense); a 24 hour enclosed security so you could leave your kart under your tent without worrying about it being gone the next morning; Now I’m only a mortgage finance guy but if my math’s right you paid how much for entry fees? That my friends was a BARGAIN… I bet a lot of racers are pinching themselves today! 8)

    4) Officiating crew and tech crew did a FANTASTIC job! They DQ’d a guy who ran away with the race because his header was cracked. That’s racing and that decision took guts. John Crow, you truly did win the race and my hat’s off to you. I look forward to racing you next year!

    5) Watching people you’ve known for years yet never been able to see them race because your working on your stuff was great. I hate the fact that I HAD to spectate but watching TaG Senior was the best race of the day by far. My hat’s off to the whole class. You gave this guy something special to observe!

    6) Hitting barriers hurts. I hope everyone else who did so feels okay today.

    7) Freezeman (Rodney Ebersole) it was great seeing you out there in battle again. Glad you could make it, hope to see you more!

    8) Spectators I’ve never seen walking through the pits and the parking lot next to the Pepsi Center was full! I think those 6 pit passes were used and used well! It was great seeing people lining the fences on the outside of the track and gathering near the JUMBOTRON!

    I have to save a little over a dollar a day to race THE PEPSI CENTER next year. Jim, when’s the date? I wanna mark my calendar now. To quote Paul Tracey about the Indy 500, “this race owes me!”


    I really enjoyed the weekend and the track was a lot of fun to drive. The spectating was also excellent. The flaggers at the blind corner did a great job. On at least 3 occasions an incident happened just seconds in front of me, obstructing the track, and the flaggers gave adequate warning.

    All of the staff were friendly and helpful.

    My friends and family all enjoyed the event. And the prize money was an unexpected surprise.

    Thank you,

    Jon Romenesko

    ^^^ What they said.

    I love temp track races, and this weekend was no exception. Awesome racing in every single class in every single race (and how often do you see that?). And how about that TaG Senior main?! I haven’t seen anything that good since the S3 main at the Supernats last year (hey, that’s a temp track too, innit? 😉 )! It was great fun watching Alan Rudolph destroy the DD2 field coming from the back. And a couple good wrecks aside, the racing was very clean and fair (another thing you dont see too often on a temp track). I think our local drivers really showed well against the specialists, and the class that everyone showed when racing wheel to wheel in the streets around concrete curbs. barriers, and light poles was first class, bravo. :clap: Not one first corner pileup that i saw!

    Jim, what else can be said? You really hit this one out of the freaking park in every regard, ESPECIALLY the video coverage…that was awesome! I hope you and your staff are taking the week off to rest, because you deserve it.

    Another ace touch were the reflective markers lining the track (i’ve never seen that before). Much much better than chalk, spray paint, cones, or hay bales. Hope we see this as the standard on temp tracks!

    My only regret? Not racing…what was i thinking?! Especially to be part of that TaG Senior main! :bang

    Great news that this is coming back, i’ll be on the grid no doubt. Hope word gets out about this event and we see big fields next year!

    Angie MacEwen

    @Kirk Deason wrote:

    some kind soul had turned it in

    That was my boy, Wyatt that found your watch, Kirk! He will be glad to know that you got it back. I didn’t know about it until the ride home, when he told us about finding a watch and turning it in. It was broken, he said, but could be fixed, the pin just came off on one side of the band. Is that about right?

    Thanks to all. It was a great event to be a part of, for sure! I couldn’t get over the venue – looking around at the city skyline, Elitch Gardens, Invesco, Pepsi Center — wow!

    Jeff Field

    Thanks, Curt. I appreciate the encouragement. I just wish we could have found a little something more for Marc. I’m still feeling great about how the weekend went.

    It was quite an experience.


    Well I can’t bottle it up any more. The Pepsi center race was more than any person could imagine. For a first time race to go off like this one is unprecedented as far as I am aware of. I raced at Steamboat, Greeley and Supernats and the atmosphere, venue and production at the Pepsi Center was above and beyond anything I have been involved or competed in. Those of you that wanted to race but couldn’t, I sure hope you make it next year. I chatted with Alan Rudolph in tech after he schooled me and everyone in the DD2 class and he really liked the the layout and venue. How could you not! I have woken up for 2 nights in a row, not my normal cold sweat, but thinking about driving the circuit at the Pepsi Center. SWEAT BROTHER!!!!!

    I have to give my thanks to my sponsor “The Track” and all the folks involved with that organization. Jim, Carolyn, Josh, Matt, and all the folks there that just treat me and every other person with honesty and respect, I thank you and would certainly do anything for you as you have all done great things for me.

    I have heard many quotes in my lifetime but one that has stuck with me is “With good leaders, there are those willing and wanting to follow.” As a former Sgt. of Marines, I am willing to follow good leaders and I will continue to do so.

    Next year, if interest arise…. Sgt. Bonham’s PT for Karting…… Specific to karting… It isn’t to soon to get ready…


    All I can say is WOW!!! What a great event. It is great to read the posts about the Tag Sr. Class. As a compettitor in the field, I remember racing in the mix with the leaders thinking ‘this is one exciting race’. To see that echo’d in these posts is incredible. To Jim and everyone who helped make this even happen, my hat is off to you.

    The corner workers in my oppinion do not get thier due respect. The fact that we have the same crew at each and every race is PRICELESS!! It reminds me of when Alex Zanardi lost his legs in a horrific accident. He and many others stated many times that what saved his life was the fact that the crew that attended to him was the same crew that was at each and every race he competed in. Like it or not, these corner workers know who we all are. They know our driving style and habbits. I have had the opportunity to get to know a couple of these gracious folks and I can tell you that Jim has put together a top notch crew. Hey Jim, what do you say to an end of season bbq to honor these corner workers?? Maybee to follow a corner workers exhibition race? I’ll support it in any way that I can!!

    Thanks Jim and Crew for such a great event. I will be back next year at any cost.

    Of course I have to take this opportunity to thank those who supported me for this race and many others this year:
    Peak Eurosport
    Big O Tires
    Grease Monkey
    Karting Coach
    Mark Lubischer
    Keith Gordon
    Jim Keesling
    Without your support, this year could not have been possible!

    Jim Keesling


    Thanks to all of you that took your weekend, your hard earned money, and trusted me (The Track at Centennial) to provide you with an experience worth attending. I can’t say enough about all the phone calls, e-mails, and posts thanking us for the event. We overcame a lot to put on a good show for you, the racers. Those that decided to race, WON!!!

    This was a real team effort. All parts had to work in unison, at their best, and I’m so proud off everyone. TV, Tech, Registration, Flaggers, scoring…etc.

    We have a huge list of people to thank, and will do so a little later in a formal event re-cap.

    From the round of applause at podium, to the posts here – Thank You!!!


    Jeff Field

    A few pics. I’m still working on the video.

    Mike Jansen

    That last photo says it all:

    Successful promoter and all around helluva good guy.

    You my friend are a force in Karting whether you know it or not. Looking forward to the future from the sidelines with Popcorn in hand. Karting only gets better with guys like you on board.

    Thanks again for putting on one helluva show. Safe, efficient, great track design, officials, etc.

    Has the Hullman family approached you yet cuz you could take Indy and open wheel racing back to prominence if you wanted :bow

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