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    Tony LaPorta

    What. A. Weekend.

    The SKUSA Pro tour stopped in OUR back yard this past week, and all I can say is this.
    1. The racing at GJMS was the best racing Ive seen in Colorado ever.
    2. And anybody from Colorado who calls themselves a karter, that didnt make it to this event, simply screwed up.

    It was like seeing the circus come to town. TonyKart West, Intrepid, FTK, Aluminos, J3, the host team-CRG USA, and many other of karting’s biggest teams were in town, and boy did they put on a show.
    Practice Friday, and then 2 full race days on Saturday/Sunday showed just what a professionally run series can bring to an already great race track. Tom K and his crew skipped nothing in preparation for the Summer nats. European style grid box’s painted on the track, shoulder and off track areas cleaned up around track, beautiful podium, and on top of all of it a GREAT staff.

    20 PLUS kart fields in S4, TaG Sr, and S2… Close racing on track, world class drivers/teams, I dont know what else I have to say folks. The big show came to town, and it was awesome. I hope who ever didn’t make it had some real important stuff going on, cause you missed the best racing our state has/will see for some time.

    [email protected]

    Weeping now…. will be better soon. 😉

    Glad it was a Grand success, everyone here and especially over there deserved and needed that!

    I’m really happy to hear this! Way to go, GJMS!

    Jeff Field

    Great event. Good job, Tony. You did well when Rob handed it off.

    Congrats to Christian Schureman on his first Pro Tour podium in the S2 class. I missed it a little on Saturday afternoon, but we had a great Sunday final.

    Congrats also to Flyin’ Ryan Rudolph. He put together a well poised win on Sunday, leading every lap in S5.

    Greg Welch

    AND, Congrats to Cory Milne!

    Russ McGrane

    Great showing by Colorado karters! Didn’t make the event but listened in live to some of the racing on ekartingnews. Cory Milne with 2 firsts in a stacked S2 filed. One of the more exciting racing was saturday’s Tag Masters with Brian Robson charging with fast lap after fast lap….nice run Brian.

    stacey cook

    We missed you Russ 🙂 wish both you and Austin could have made it. Great to see some top notch racing in Colorado again. large fields and intense battles. Thanks to all that participated and helped.

    Brian Robson

    Thanks Russ. It was fun. My most proud P4 ever. Running the times and passing through the best masters the nation has to offer was a small victory.

    Hats off to GJMS and SKUSA for putting on a heck of a weekend. The track, and all of the facility looked awesome.

    We need more high-caliber events like that in CO.

    See you at the Pepsi Center and/or The Rio.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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