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    Tony LaPorta

    Alright guys, the fourth and fifth rounds of the 2013 Rocky Mt. ProKart Challenge are taking place in two weeks at Grand Junction Motor Speedway.

    I have seen an early version of the entry list for this race, and am stoked for this thing. The drivers that we have showing up to prep for Summernats is insane. I honestly thought I was looking at the race entry for a Pro Tour event simply based on the out of state names.

    Local drivers, who are gonna be there, please help me in gathering an accurate head count… WHO’S COMING???

    CO drivers who are not coming……. why???? :loco

    The fourth and fifth rounds at GJMS is easily going to be the biggest race weekend of the 2013 season, SKUSA or otherwise. Not a single other series in the state is going to have the entries the RMPKC will have in two weeks at GJMS.

    The Bottom Line: Kart racers in Colorado who complain and are upset that kart counts are low all across the state, here is your chance to take part in the BIGGEST and most attended race of the year. But if you wanna stay at home and race the same five drivers at the same track all year, then at least be sure to tune in to live coverage of the RMPKC so you can see what your missing.

    Cory Ross

    Is there somewhere we can see a pre-entry list? Mountain bike races I have attended in the past you could see an up to date list of who had entered. Helped people who were on the fence decide to race since they could see exactly who they were getting to race against. I am not racing rounds 4 and 5 right now because money is tight. If my class starts looking really strong I will start really scrapping to get some money together to attend.

    Kirk Deason

    S5 Driver Evan Roshak and Team Roshak Racing are headed to the western slope this weekend to begin testing with Team CRG-USA. Hack mechanic, Kirk Deason, is looking forward to the 100 degree temps and really getting to know the secrets of I-70 over the next 3 weeks.

    Tony LaPorta


    That is the point of this thread. If everyone who is racing posts that they are, the racers will see that it will be very worth the while to come race.

    While I dont know what class you compete in Mr. Ross, I can almost guarantee that your class will be just like the others, and filled with great racers.

    Hope to see you in GJ :green

    Cory Ross

    How many out of state racers are going to see and post here? The promoters in mountain biking when you go to the registration website, they have every person that has registered listed by class. Makes a huge difference in wanting to attend a race if you see 20 people signed up or 80 people. As a promoter I cannot see any reason not to do this. Look at the thread on EKN right now about racing for a trophy or money. Most people are racing for the competition. Lets start advertising the exact competition you will race at the RMPKC races.

    As of right now i am not going to be at GJ. The money to enter this race was used to rebuild my motor that blew up at IMI. Now if my class started to show a good size to it I might have to scrap the money together to attend.

    Tony LaPorta

    Mr. Ross, I completely understand your thoughts. But seeing as how I am not the event promoter, and merely the guy that holds the mic I am less than privy to releasing info on who is racing and who is not.

    The point of this thread is to let those who are competing, share that info on their own. I know for a fact of a team in Western Colorado that will be fielding more than 10 drivers who have yet to post on this thread. Why racers are choosing to keep it a secret where they will be racing is beyond me?

    So one more time, for the racers/teams that are hard of hearing…… WHO IS RACING???

    If I were a racer on the fence about competing in this event, I would be quite intrigued if I saw some of the names that are already signed up.

    And to Kirk Deason, thanks for actually answering this thread. You’ve got the idea!

    Greg Welch

    Unser will bring:

    S1 Shifter:
    Keenan Schmitke

    TaG Senior:
    Jason Dempster
    Brandon Southwick

    Rotax Junior:
    Max Fedler

    Mini Max:
    Cody Dempster
    Brody Shucard
    Everest Fedler
    Cole Thompson

    Mini Rok:
    Cody Dempster
    Noah Walter
    Daniel Walter

    Mike Urban

    From Billet

    Ryan Rudolph

    TaG Masters:
    Mike Urban

    Stan Bryniarski

    Cory and all other curious racers,
    As much as I would like to have the ability to post an “accurate” list of who is racing, it would require YOU the racers to pre-enter.
    Tony asked me the same question last night and I recommended he do just what he did, reach out electronically and ask!
    Along with this site and ekarting RMPKC has a Facebook and Twitter page, log on, like us and ask others!
    Example, every race I have a pre-entry list, a report from the host hotel on the rooms blocked, reports from the track for reserved pits and the on-line store purchases. If I were to cross reference all this information, guess what, there would only be about 5 common names but if you counted all the names on the various, lists would total about 50 different names.
    My “preview” would be nothing but gossip and a waste of time!
    Last year, we have 30 pre-entries to the regional before the SummerNats. The Thursday and Friday before the event weekend, we had 40 walk ups!
    While we are on the subject, the pre-entry deadline for this event is Monday July 1st Midnight CST.
    To take advantage of the pre-entry discount and avoid paperwork at registration, go to http://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/rocky-mountain-pkc.html
    Vist the on line store, get yourself registered and lets go racing! :dance:

    See you at the track!

    Stan Bryniarski
    RMPKC Series Director.

    David Fedler

    Sweet… we’re in the Top 5!

    Ray Lovestead


    I’m planning on coming to the race. I’ve tried several times to sign up with the SKUSA online store and the link does not appear to have an option for the race. Can you do me a favor and check it out and maybe give me better directions to get signed up for the 4th july weekend race.




    Karting Coach will have:

    TaG Cadet:
    Derek Deslauriers

    Mini Max:
    Derek Deslauriers

    Micro Max:
    Filip Miemkiewicz
    Alexis Apodaca

    TaG Jr:
    Angus Watkins

    TaG Sr:
    Charlie Craig

    Leo Ahearn

    Team Back O’ Pickup will have:

    Leo Ahearn – S3

    😆 😛 :rotate:

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