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    Eddy Wyatt

    Many thanks to Jim, Roger, Ben, Carolyn, Ian, Mike and all track support personnel for a safe and fun filled night of racing….. (half moon with awesome temps) :clap:

    See you all for race #5.

    “It looks SOOOOOOO much faster at NIGHT!!!!!! 😆


    Leonardo Kosman


    Once again, thank you for your classy move, it was very nice.
    I appreciate your attitude and support always.
    Thank you for the talk!

    Yes, night time felt a lot faster! Completely agree.

    A quick suggestion:
    Number and plate color code should be required. Thoughts? :anyone

    See you at race #5. :~


    :turtle Leo

    David Watkins

    Thanks to all at The Track from me as well. That was a lot of fun! Agree with Leo, number panels by class are a good idea, there’s a lot of inter-class interference. Knowing who’s who might help. Would really like to see better policing of contact as well. I haven’t had a single 206 race where I haven’t been spun and/or punted. I was knocked out of the lead in the main by a mid-corner punt from a medium racer this time around. I love the class but we’ve got a few drivers treating it like bumper cars.

    Good times and looking forward to the next one.


    Eddy Wyatt

    NO worries Leo.

    Agree on David’s point of rough driving. Not talking about incidental contact from hard racing.

    Punting, brake checking and/or turning into someone when along side to pass needs to stop. We don’t need tore up equipment, or worse, someone getting hurt. We can race hard and still be respectful. That’s all I’m saying on this topic.


    Greg Welch

    Night racing was a blast. I love that the weekend was condensed into one day. It gives the guys like me that do this every weekend a chance to take a day off. Thanks to Jim, Carolyn, and everyone at The Track for setting it up.

    Tom Horn

    I wish every race was a night race that was the most fun I have ever had on a kart what a blast .thanks to everyone at the ttac and especially the flag guys I thought they did a great job with the flag letting me know faster traffic was coming and to get out of the way and also to guys like Mike manov and Richard Hensley for putting up with all my questions thanks guys cant wait to do it again. Tom Horn

    Jim Keesling

    To All that attended…

    I want to say “Thank You” for attending an awesome event!!! It always worries me with large fields racing in a new environment, (similar to our first Pepsi Center race with over 100 entries)

    I can’t believe how amazing our Mini Max racers are!!! What a show, as well as all the rest of us!

    From all of us at The Track, thank you again for your support and confidence in us to put on a show worthy of attending.

    I want to say a special thanks to Haselden Construction for sponsoring the lights and making the event possible.

    I hope everyone races to the best they can at the Rotax Grand Nationals, and anywhere else your kart and trailer take you.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

    See you in August at “The Track”


    Eric Anderson

    Coming from a newbie, the race was an absolute blast.

    I agree about the numbers along with all other comments.

    Thanks everyone for the help received and for a great experience.


    What a great competitive and challenging event. Everyone showed poise and respect that night.
    From a Race Director to all karters, I would like to thank you for all your determination and display of great skills shown on race day.
    I am honored to be in all your presence and thank you for the enjoyment of being able to watch.
    I look forward to seeing all of you next race.
    Semper Fi.
    Roger Bonham
    Race Director, TTAC

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