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    When will the rules be out for review by karters and subsequent bashing in this forum? Both CSC and individual Track Club Series. :argue

    Is there going to be a schedule for The Track? When?

    :idn: :idn: :idn:

    Doug Welch

    I got an idea, lets start bashing just for the heck of it! Pure speculation and facts never got in the way of a good rant. 😥


    I can think of better things to bash!!!!!!

    Marc Elliott

    Roger and Doug are right, lets ALL stop bashing, shut up, and go racing.
    Bashing and complaining really are having a detremental impact on Colorado Karting, IOW, we are not as healthy as a community as in years past.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Shutting up and not talking about our sport of karting will yeild even less racers to race.
    If we wanted to have a sick community in any sport, just post the schedual, the classes, and don’t post any rules to choose from and follow.
    Then post free give aways for people if they sign up to follow the rules that aren’t there to follow. I am not bashing or ranting at my fellow karters. Only trying to decide what I can do with my hobby.
    The more posts I can read, being good or bad, the easier it is for me to speculate upon which direction to go. Too much information to me is much better than no information.
    I vote for more postings rather than fewer postings.
    Mark, stupid question here, but what does IOW stand for?

    Angie MacEwen

    The membership form says that you WILL know and abide by the rules, not that you have to before signing. There will be a rule book, and as discussed at the meeting, the rules are not going to be any different than last year in most classes.

    I know that you have been vocal about the motos and ICCs running together, and they are again this year. Pro 125, Novice 125, and Masters 125 will all field ICCs and Motos.

    I guess until the rule book is printed and mailed, people should go ahead and voice their opinions on what worked or didn’t work last year. It will do more good to get it out in the open for discussion now, rather than waiting until you see it in print to bash it. Like I mentioned, not a lot of major changes… more like tweaking things here and there.

    Oh, and when the rules, and schedules are done…then they will be made available. Asking over and over for it on the forum certainly isn’t going to get it done any sooner. :sun:

    Jim Keesling

    Thank you!!!
    For those who were at the meeting and didn’t listen, and those of you who were not at the meeting and want to know, you can count on last years rules for this year. TaG USA changed some weights, so that is the only change of sorts.
    The CSC will follow TaG USA. (those who weren’t sure about FWB)
    The class names have changed and the order or grouping that is run on race day changes, but that shouldn’t keep anyone from putting together a motor package and checking out the schedule to plan vacation time.
    If there are other questions, feel free to call me anytime, or Angie.
    ps… Rich, when the dust settles, I will post any club race for the The Track on the site.

    Rodney Ebersole

    Hay Thanks! see it works. I made a comment on the forums and comments were posted about my comments. I don’t know about the rest of yall, but I like reading new posts when I come here.
    Being vocal, some like to call it bashing, is just a method of getting things tweaked. If we all voted with our feet instead of our mouth you wouldn’t have any idea of what to tweak.
    Asking questions I think is what this forum is for. It benifits many people when questions are answered on here and only one person when questions are discussed with private phone calls.

    The biggest change from last year I have heard about is that Jr1 animals and Mod Briggs “might” be included in CSC once again. Does any one think I can count on that not working out like last year?
    If I decide to run stock moto this year will stock ICC’s be allowed in the class next year?
    If a novice125 runs as fast as the pro 125’s are they not as good as a pro?
    Then if a pro runs slower than a novice are they really a pro?
    Does the air spin in the tires? :loony:

    Jim Keesling

    Hey Freeze,
    If you post here and nobody reads it, did the posting happen?
    Did you use nitro or air in the tires?
    Is an ICC a “moto”, or “honda”?
    What kind of shoes was the novice wearing when they ran, and did the pro have boots on?

    On a serious note…
    I hope this is correct… We can combine several classes so that the Briggs and Jr1 groups won’t add time to the day. I would really hope that the groups start calling each other and get the racers out to the track. The more, the merrier.

    I know there is talk about what makes a pro a pro and a novice a novice.
    The real solution is to eventually have class names that don’t have any pre-concieved perception about them. I guess that is what was good about S1, G1, etc…

    Roadbase down, some sort of game happening today so the trucks are sitting vacant.

    Bye for now…

    Rodney Ebersole

    OH, I almost forgot about that other sport of beer drinking.
    Ya, most of my post fit that discription. But heck maybe if we talk about them four bangers a little they’ll come out to play?
    My two more cents about the icc classes would be to stick with the definition of “class”where one class doesn’t get things that a nother class has. I just don’t understand the differance between a driver choosing to enter Pro(S-1) or a driver choosing Novice(S-2) for a state series championship when the equipment, weight and rules are no different. But I guess Coloado has enough ICC racers to support two classes of the same stuff, so what the heck. I just wish I had enough class to race an ICC.
    It sounds like your track is ready for some auzi style racing now! Mount up the rain tires…….


    You want us to sign up before knowing the rules, but I’m hearing “rumors” Jr.1 Animal might be in store for some BIG changes to run the CSC. Plus “rumors” that the schedule might be changed. This should be addressed here so all potential Jr.1 Animal racers know what’s going on.

    Why do you think the Animal classes will not work? You got some inside info we need to know about?

    Rodney Ebersole

    Russ B. please don’t take me wrong. I think the animal and OHV motors is a great thing for karting. The only inside info I have is my experiance of running Briggs classes. For many years and races I have been disappointed at the turn out of racers to play with in adult briggs. Your Briggs classes can work yet it’s going to take the work of it’s members to make it happen. That’s a pretty tuff road when most shops in this area will direct all new customers to kid kart, minimax, jr TAG or Jr 80 stuff and WKA or IKF are just territories in the east, west or south. Heck if I had a kid I’d have them on a WF. I am wondering how I am going to get my 4 month old grandson out of Iowa and near grandpa in a few years. 🙂

    Where do you go to buy this CSC Jr. I animal or adult mod animal?
    I can build a pretty good briggs motor and have plenty of parts to do it.
    But with any blueprinted motor in order to build a great little motor you have to know the rules and get the parts before you can start.
    There are dozens of shops that all ready build these to current WKA or IKF rules. Seems it would be sort of simple to cordinate with that some where each year.

    But wait there’s more, The other inside scoop I have very slowly gotten, is from setting on the inside of the track or in my trailor working on a motor while my shifter and TAG brothers and sisters enjoy lots of lap time with their machines. But then again them briggs motors run just fine, it’s just when you want them to run great is when I start breaking the parts.
    They say the version IV has fixed the block used on booth the animal and WF. But it hasn’t been Freezeman tested yet.
    I hope Greg or IMI or any body else but me comes up with something a little more solid for builders to build to for the mod class to gain more ground.
    I think I am going to box up a bunch of this briggs stuff and see if I can get rid of it at JB’s swap meet the 19th and get some water cooled, europeon stuff. But I am afraid it will be just a show of how much old crap some of us have held onto that nobody around here would want. Heck I’ll end up buying some more old stuff for my collection instead of selling it.
    Some one needs to start the “Old Stuff” santioning body to fix all of our karting troubles.

    Russ, fill me in on your version of the rumor’s please. I got to go get a drink and pop some pop corn and I’ll be right back.

    Oh, I heard the rumor that the penelty for not running the proper rear end number plate colors is a spanking from Angie. Hay that might get some more Masters on the track?

    Angie MacEwen

    I thought the Junior 1 Animal rules were pretty well decided, and are going to be the ones that Don worked so hard on. I also thought that they are what you ran to last year, AND that they do sync with WKA. I have heard no rumors of any major changes. You might want to email me with any information that you think the CSC should consider. The one thing that was still up in the air for the Jr1 Animals was the fuel, and that has been settled – No U4. At this point you will have the same three options as every other class (Briggs Mod excepted) and that is MS93, MS98, or C-12.

    As for schedule changes, I haven’t heard a thing. I think it is too late to be changing the schedule around. I know some aren’t thrilled with it. We did add the extra drop, to in a sense, only add one more race to the schedule.

    that is what I know.

    Freeze, behave yourself! 😳

    Brian, yes, we will be enforcing the rear plate color – I don’t know what that penalty will be.

    Chris Wogrin

    Being new to the local kart scene but not new to racing. My one observation is,racers never change, just the size of their toys.

    CCWogrin (3 new Jr.1 Animals)


    Thank you for the reply. I don’t want any changes. That was my concern when it was “rumored” that the CSC was looking at drastic changes for the Jr.1 Animal class. I’m very glad you cleared this up so quickly. My registration will be in your hands this week. (the fuel thing I can handle)

    I can see the problem with Briggs Mod, it’s very simple. If you modify too much, and try to turn them too hard, they break! Simple rule of racing. I don’t think any Briggs&Stratton representative will ever try to get the engineers to build one to hold 9000+ rpm. Looking at the Jr.’s, there were very few engine failures for those that ran all year. Only 4 that I can think of, each belonging to different owners. In fact the champion and multiple winning engine of Don and Conner New had ZERO failures that I know of. Treat ’em right and they last for a long time. In fact I remember Mike Edwards posting some time ago that he had 1 engine last for a couple of seasons, just don’t turn them over 7000.
    But the numbers for the adult class looked real good towards the second half of the year at IMI. If they can keep ’em running they’ll have a great turn out in ’06

    I just really don’t understand the big problem, from some of those in control, with the 4 strokes. It’s a real engine, that turns real lap times, that burns fuel and oil, THAT SOME RACERS WANT. I’ve been told, to my face, that they don’t belong here, and should never be allowed in the CSC. Some of the “rumors” have talked of a few of the track owners lobbying to keep them out. Wanting rules changes just to eliminate the Briggs.
    Sorry, I’m not leaving, or changing. I want the cheapest “bang for my buck”! I can build three Animals for the price of one mini-max. No brainer for me there. If the “lawn mower” classes get eliminated, we’re out. I would rather spend my money on the mini-cup for my daughter to race than the current high priced 2-stroke offerings.

    By the way, Angie, I’m glad to see the schedule holding strong. But disapointed in the addition of another drop. Oh well.

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