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    Tony LaPorta

    Fellow Karting Community (more the bussines side).
    Living in Greeley I have a local College baseball team that is interested in after the GGP getting the word of karting out to the city. so we are going to set up a small info table at the game, with my kart and equitment and other stuff so people can get info on the sport. so anybody, i.e Track owners, team owners, etc , that would like ther stickers (banners, sign’s etc) on display please get any of ready. I will be stoppin at IMI on saturday afternoon for some kart parts so if u have anything please leave it with brad (Brad, Sorry for not asking first but 😆 if this is ok it be great to hold that stuff for me). anything that teams or tracks need back afterwards please leave a note on your product or please PM me.

    Thank you for the support .
    Lets get the word of karting out :cheers:

    Road Runner
    TaG Jr #20
    Rubbin’s Racin”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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