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    gunter desanti

    Supernats Tag Masters, Scott Falcone P1 Qualify. P1 Heat 1.
    World Class field includes Indy and Nascar Drivers, three times defending Champ LN, two time Champ BC. This is not Club Racing.
    Run Baby Run. Bring it to Colorado.
    :jump :dance: :wave :clap: :win

    gunter desanti

    Cmon Scott,
    Stop messing around, Your still right there.
    Dont let another one slip away.THE RACE IS IN FRONT,

    Tony LaPorta


    Scott is ROCKING it here in Vegas. He has been on point all week and I believe is more than a threat for the win here today.

    Colorado is being represented well.

    Christian Schureman starts 12th today… IN KZ2 (Super Pro) :clap: (All the CRG-USA guys are doing great in fact)

    Austin Schimmel was FLYING Wed. in the the dry, and has raced his way in to the main today (Which will be dry…)

    Ben Schermerhorn has driven to a few top five’s in the heats

    Jason Dempster qualified very well in his P2 session Friday

    Myles Marlot and Tase Flores could easily fight for top-10’s today.

    It is a great day to be a Colorado Karter…

    Rodney Ebersole

    Tag masters is up now!!! Good Luck Scott

    Is Gunter going to race again??? Miss ya

    gunter desanti

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    AWESOME!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!, effort SCOTT.
    Really thought you had it this time, unfortunately another tale of Woe.Maybe next year will be THE year of the Falcon.
    Congrats on winning ProTour Championship.

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Also EXCELLENT performances from all Racers representing Colorado.
    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Scott Falcone

    Thank you Gunter!

    Thank you for all the support at the track and texts i really appreciated it.

    It was one hell of a good time. We had the top 4 karts in our tent all week. Me, Kip, Will and Jamie in Tag Masters. We really didn’t work together at all the entire time, I was willing, but some didn’t seem like they really wanted to discuss much about the kart. Not that we really need there help. But, none the less they all were very cool and we had some good times. Its pretty cool to say I out qualified a Indy car stud, a Daytona 500 champion and a two time Vegas winner, not too bad from a wanker from Colorado. LOL

    We had some issues with the chassis in heat 2 and was barely able to hold onto the kart in the rain. In heat 3 my clutch was sticking and releasing at the apex and let me tell that was fun. Never drove a shifter before with a no gears. So with all those issues we were able to salvage a p3 for the main. Than most of you know the rest. I will be posting some video of the three time Vegas champion taking us all out. What an idiot!

    Wow!! Its one thing to be wining the biggest race in the world with 9 to go and tires just came in when some idiot runs over the top of you breaks your spark plug and rips out your ignition wire. Right under the nose of the assistant race director and flagger. I’m not happy about that but that’s racing and I completely understand that racing incidents happen. But, what’s completely unacceptable is that this same guy who took out me also took out p1, and p4 at the same time in the same corner. That’s racing as well and I understand stuff happens. But, here is the total bs of it that same guy that took out p1, p3 and p4 in one corner right in front of the officials ended up on the podium!! Are you kidding me?
    Again, I’m ok with the racing incident but no freaking way should that driver be able to take a podium away from another driver who didn’t take out other drivers. I got passed by and passed at least 10 times in 10 laps and never touched anyone. No excuse for this. My opinion.

    James Russell Jr has all the videos in his Face Book page and i will be downloading mine as soon as there done converting. Scott Falcone Karting on Facebook as well.. what a joke this guy shouldn’t be allowed back to Vegas. How many time do you have to hit a kart in front of you before taken yourself out. !

    gunter desanti

    Thanks for the post mortem Scott,
    I pretty much thought thats how it went down.
    It would seem that being a3 time champion(twice by default)
    allows you to get away with that shit. Many a Club Racer has been DQ for a lot less. Disgusting that this WANKER should end up on the podium.
    I once confronted a SKUSA Official, he said what do you expect?

    Rodney, watch out, im thinking come back :loony:
    Is there a Super,Super Masters Class 😆

    Cory Ross

    Both Tag classes were full of horrible driving. Bad enough to make me wonder if I want to risk my money racing supernats next year. SKUSA needs to really start cracking down on avoidable contact. It is sad that tag is where the worst drivers seem to be.

    Scott Falcone

    Gunter, that would be awesome to have you and Rodney back racing next year. Heck we need to get that old man Mike J back as well. From what I hear all he keeps doing is getting hurt working out. Maybe if he spent more time in a kart he wouldn’t get hurt so much? WANKER 😆 My crystal ball is calling for another big spike in the Colorado :co economy, so lets hope the same happens in the karting entries. Sounds like TTAC would consider some of those other less expensive classes if the entries are there. :clap: Hell, i also hear the king wanker Kistler is moving back to Colorado? All we need now is Roman to come out of retirement, i owe him one. 😆

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!! :burger

    Jon Romenesko

    Don’t forget that we had two Colorado racers earn their Pro Tour championships at the SuperNats! Scott Falcone in TaG Masters, and Christian Schureman in S2. Well done boys! :co :clap: Sounds like it was a tough weekend, I certainly enjoyed listening in online.

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