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    I just put up photos I shot out at Grand Junction. I managed to weed it down to just under 1,000. They are arranged by kart # and there is a pull down tab on the right side that lists all of the photos. It makes it quick and easy to find photos of your self in the mass of photos.

    The first number before the ‘T’ or the ‘W’ will be the kart number, the rest of the gibberish is for my organizational use. Unfortunately the program can’t decipher the numbers exactly right, so for example the 2’s 20’s and 200’s will be grouped together ext. ext. That shouldn’t make it hard to navigate if you know that though. Enjoy!

    Jadam Photography

    Tony LaPorta

    Those are AWESOME, Im buying!!!

    Everyone checkout page # 3 At the bottom.
    2 wheels!!!


    ha, yea that one scared me a bit. Though he was going to roll over. And actually had quite a good recovery for how sketchy it was.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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