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    Rick Schmidt

    Go get em Colorado!

    We’ll miss it this year, but will be back. We will be cheering for all the racers and monitoring with any information we can get.

    Angie, if you have time, maybe a end of day recap for the Colorado Karters who are not going.

    Have fun everyone, it should be a very special race at the Rio.


    Mike Urban

    Best of luck to all those going to Vegas. Hopefully, what happens in Vegas, is what happens in Colorado. Kick @ss!!

    Ron Rudolph

    Hello ALL !!!
    Travis Rudolph will have a great team mates! Memo Gidley and Cory Milne in S3 – Driving for Rocky Mountain Kartworks and GP ! Time to take the competion to school ………… 😆

    Jeff Field

    Good luck to all.

    I’m jealous. Working with Memo is an awesome opportunity.

    Kirk Deason


    It’s the biggest karting week of the year. Does anyone have anything First impressions of the track?

    Try this template: “Hey guys I just talked to [insert name of attendee here] and [he or she] said the [track or hotel or umbrella girl] is [awesome, filthy, hot, drunk right now].”

    Troy Smith

    “Hey guys, last night I spoke to”… Doug Welch. He said the track looked good and they liked their chances. Like most ‘big’ races, he thought it important to get through the heats and the first few corners of the main ‘clean’. He said the straight was not too long and the track would probably be a mid-rpm type of track. No corner at the track is as tight as the hairpin at Centennial. He thought a well-driven Rotax could do well in the TaG Classes despite all of the talk being about Leopards and Roks. He was very enthusiastic about their new car and how the boys have been driving of late. He said he’s pitted next to the Reaction guys, Kartworks is ‘across the aisle’, and Jim Keesling is across from him diagonally. Stacey is somewhere close by as well but right now exactly where escapes me. He said that basically, all of the Colorado guys were together. He said that he really liked the Colorado guys chances this year and hoped that as a state we showed well. No talk of umbrella girls, gambling, or drinking…sorry to disappoint.”

    “Hey guys, last night I also spoke to”…AJ Noud. He was still at the track and busy with prep work but as always, was his congenial self. He, too was stone cold sober. He said that he was really excited and there was an ‘electricity’ that you could feel in the air about the event and all the big names there.

    “Hey guys, last night I spoke to”… AJ Whisler. He and I talked about the track quite a bit and he said it looked awesome. I think the exact quote was something like “expletive bad expletive!!!” He said it was wider than it looked on paper and there were four corners in a row with great passing opportunities plus other great overtaking areas. He said that he expected all classes to be a dog fight and he was looking forward to getting started today. AJ, too, was stone cold sober…

    On a serious note…all three parties commented on the atmosphere and the excitement surrounding the event. All seemed to really like the track and the ‘bumpiness’ was not mentioned by any of the parties. Seemed like everyone was prepped, ready and had their ‘game faces’ on.

    Sorry, no stories from anyone about gambling, strippers or any other immoral behavior(s). I think Deason and I should go out there with no agenda other than getting into trouble… :rotate:

    Mike Jansen

    Well, to all the Colorado Contigiency I wish you good luck and kick some butt! It sounds like a great race weekend.


    Someone needs to find out if the cocktail waitresses at the RIO still wear thongs. I always liked that hotel… :loony: :loony: 8)

    Kirk Deason

    Thanks, Troy. THAT is what I was looking for. And yes, we should go…as the MORALITY POLICE. In that role we will have to set the bar as low as possible, we will have to be extremely immoral to show the poor suckers racing what they should NOT do. Or we could be the morality scouts, figuring out the best places for debauchery for after the race day is done. Can I do this professionally?

    Kidding aside, I am pulling for ALL of the Colorado racers. We all know everyone, those of us driving our keyboards will be e-rooting loudly for anyone from CO. Kick ass guys, don’t get arrested until after the race.

    Troy Smith


    No one over the age of, say, 10 ever accuses me of being ‘big’ or ‘tall’…so, a bar set low just means its easier to go over!!!!!


    Jeff Field

    I was browsing the ekn photo album and thought this shot was nice.

    The rest here.

    Mike Jansen

    Stacey Cook P3???

    Old guys rock!!! Go get em tiger, just make sure you eat your mushy peas and corn at night!

    Dale…Zippie… Wha’ happened, no times? next session okay…

    Gunther, Doc, Cole, Welch boyz… Dalle GAS amigos!!!

    Keesling… Yeager and Red Bull sunday okay!

    All kidding aside, keep pushing the competition looks tough and they can run with YOU GUYZ…

    Have fun, myself (and everyone else here) would love an update…


    Jeff Field

    Way to go CO drivers. Cook in 5th (G1) and a 3rd for Austin Schimmel in S5.

    It looked like Ben had some good runs in the S1 heats and I think Jeff Welch had qualified pretty well in S3.

    Seemed like there were more than a fair share of red flags. Hope everyone’s injuries were only minor and they expect to recover quickly.

    Jon Romenesko

    Memo Gidley, Jamie McMurray, Dan Wheldon, Buddy Rice, Michael Valiente, Arie Luyendyk Jr, Phil Geibler, Bobby Wilson….

    And those were just the pro racers….there was a huge amount of pro karters too…

    Marco Ardigo, Jonathan Thonon, Gary Carlton, Alex Speed….

    What an event! My first time to the supernats, and i was just blown away by the deep level of talent that showed up. 400+ entries, and none of them were slow. At one point (think it was during practice) 60 (sixty!) TaG senior drivers were within one second of P1! 😯 The SuperPro guys put on a show worthy of their own event, some incredible talent in that field. You really have to see it to believe just how good those guys are. Thonon won all the marbles, deservingly so, he was just about the fastest man all week.

    All-in-all, we had a great showing for CO drivers. Stacey Cook took 5th in G1 after being one of the fastest G1 drivers all week. Austin Schimmel drove brilliantly to a 3rd in S5. Ben Schermerhorn had a hell of a drive going in S1 (up to 6th, i believe) before he bent some steering components (not sure what happened) and couldn’t keep pace. The Welch boys were fast in S3, but ran into some bad luck. Merely surviving the TaG classes was a victory in and of itself….i think there were some 6-7 red flags over the weekend. Most of them were in TaG senior, it was just a wreck-fest! Seemed like we couldn’t get through one heat race (much less the first lap) without a massive pileup and a red flag. A couple drivers had to go to the hospital….it was brutal.

    I got some track time in the ‘Machismo 500’ enduro they held on Saturday night (which was a blast). It was a fun track, and im sure its wicked fast on a shifter.

    I had a great time helping out Kartworks. If you’ve never been to the SuperNats, you need to go. There were some huge sponsors like Oakley and the National Guard who really stepped up and made it feel like the huge race it should be. The racing was some of the best ive seen, regardless of the discipline. The S3 drivers put on one of the most exciting races ive ever seen (probably 5 or 6 lead changes over 30 laps between 4 drivers, and the top 4 were never more than .5 sec apart), and there were some great last-lap heroics in every class.

    Its now on my calendar every year for the foreseeable future, only next year, i think im going to have to race instead of tune. 😀


    Don’t forget the juniors. They were in a battle for their lives every time they hit the track.

    Mt hat is off to Sabre Cook. It was her first race of this caliber and some bonehead took her out on the out lap of qualifying. She had been running top 8 – 10 in practice. Shattered both wheels and bent the hell out of her kart. She handled it like a professional.

    She had to start every heat race in 46th. She worked her way up to mid field or better every heat (those of you that saw the race realize how difficult that really was). Had a mid pack starting position only to get in a pile up of over half the field. After the red flag, they shortened the race to 12 laps due to safety. A solid 17th I think with Tyler Edwards driving an awsome 18th. watch that kid after he gets some experience. He is going to be a rocket.

    The Jr class was not only one of the best classes to watch but also one of the most dangerous. Nowhere have I ever seen 49 karts be started in any race other then road racing. I feel bad because they didnt even get half of their main and I believe both sabre and tyler could have moved up. Sorry, I know there were other juniors from colorado there but it was so crazy that I could not keep track. they were the only ones I was watching for in all of the chaos.

    Oh yeah and Stacey, you didn’t suck either.

    Michael Schimmel

    speaking of juniors, lets not forget austin schimmel who drove to a 3rd place podium in the s5 class!

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