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    I believe that one thing that karters strive for is to stand on that podium and celebrate your accomlishments. The higher the stance, the better feeling you get. When you look at what it takes to stand up up top there are many things you have to take into account before you get there. Do you have a dream? If so, what is it? It is more likely to come true if you put it in writing and look at it every day… Put it down, print it off and strive to achieve that dream…

    I will share you my dream…

    About 6 or so years ago I was a newb trying to find out how to drive a kart. I got advice from super great people from all over and worked at trying to get better. I will tell you right now that I have not achieved my goal and in 2006 Jim Keesling gave me the best chance to do it and we had a super year in the Stock Shifter but we just weren’t able to make it. My dream is to stand on the national podium and raise a trophy showing that I won that race… I went to SKUSA Amature Nationals the last 2 years they had them and watched the race from the infield as my kart broke. As humbling as it was, I wanted to win. Jim Keesling has helped numeous people in the karting community and I was one when he gave me that opportunity to join Doghouse racing. I am putting my dream on paper and stating that I want to win that national even and raise the trophy……. I just hit print and will look at this every day… I feel that it is necessary to continue my quest until I have reached my goal that I set out to achieve years ago….

    My goal may be very small compared to others so I invite you to put your goal here……… Let everyone know so they know your intensions and you know it too…. I will look at my goal every day and you can look at yours too so it is engraved it in your mind so that you know what you are going to set out to do…..

    Curt Kistler

    I love the smell of dreams in the morning, it’s the smell of victory! And if anyone can pull off a national victory, it’s Roger B.
    You have always been the most competitive and determined racer we have ever competed directly with. And on the rare days when Matt finished in front of you, we went home feeling like we slayed a dragon. Keep up the work outs, the daily reminders, get some good equipment, and great things will happen.

    We hope you have a great Christmas, and that your little future national champ is doing well. Hope to see you soon Jar Head! :usa: :usa: :usa:


    Mike Jansen

    Good Job Roger…

    Here’s mine: I wanna be like Mike
    Oh wait, I AM MIKE!!!

    TaG Masters Overall Number 1
    Get back to 200 pounds (nekked)
    cardio a heck of a lot more to get my resting heart rate back to 50bpm

    Go back to my hometown and race in front of friends and family at the RIO next November.

    There’s the target. Masters will regain it’s glory as the premier class. Take your best shot…


    Not a flipping chance Mike

    Doug Haner

    I just want to run a full club race season next year.

    The split between the tracks might make me have to run 2 full club race seasons next year but we’ll see.

    Mike Urban


    Good luck with your goals and dreams. It was a pleasure to get to know you this past season. I love to watch you race. I thought you might like these photos of you and Jim I took at the 24 Hour Race last June. Team Ironman – 1191 laps. Amazing! File size is too large to send through the Karter, so email me, and I’ll send you the originals. Merry Christmas and hope to see you often in a great 2009.

    [email protected]

    As for Sam and my goals, they are to continue to learn more about these little machines called karts, have fun, compete with some great drivers, drive fast, and be safe. We can’t wait for the light to turn green!

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