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    Jordan Iglesias

    Another question for you guys. I would like to know what type of fuel I should be using? I have a leopard motor. Also, where can I purchase the fuel? By the way the kart is ready to go and look forward to getting to know all of you. Barry Lewis has been a HUGE help getting me on my way. Only thing I have left to buy will be a trailer…which will hopefully come when I get my tax return. Thanks for the help.


    Troy Smith


    You’ll want to run VP Racing Fuel. You can purchase it at any of the local tracks, along with the oil for mixing. Your Leopard Documents will tell you the recommended ratio and fuel. If you don’t have the Docs, you can find them online rather easily.

    Doug Haner

    Troy is correct Jordan. I’m not completely positive but I believe my brother-in-law runs the VP98 in his leopard. But definately check with others on that.

    And a trailer? What the heck is that for? Throw it in the back of the truck and spend that money on fuel and tires.

    Greg Johnson

    Non race days 91 pump gas works fine. These are low compression motors not needing high octane to run.

    Doug Welch

    For a Leopard, I would only run the VP 98. You need the higher octane of the 98. If you want a cheaper alternative, Hill Sinclair on Ralston Road (just west of Sheridan) in Arvada, sells 100 octane at the pump for half the cost of VP.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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