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    Hi, I wanted to let fellow jr1’s know that greggory at practice yestarday, rolled his cart and shattered his right “humoris” bone, between elbow and shoulder. Looks like he will be out for sometime. Be safe and race hard and we will see out there.
    Dave Payseno

    Kirk Deason

    Dave..I’m a humeris fracture survivor (just this year, actually). Greggory will be back in action soon. Sorry to hear about the wreck. Did he have to have surgery? Is he in a flexible brace or a cast?



    I was there yesterday and saw Gregory’s accident. Kudo’s to the parents who raced out there and helped out in a flash. He’s a tough kid and will be back before you know it.

    My son flipped his Jr1 this year in the first race. After the initial scare, he was ready to go again. Kids are much more resilient than us parents. My wife and I took a few more days to calm down.

    My only advice, be very cautious with your engine now that it has been upside down. Drain and refill the oil, and check it about 25 times to make sure you have the proper amount in it. Ours blew the next day out after our acrobatic excursion.

    Sam Vickery

    Dave, I’m sorry to hear about Gregory. He’s a tough little guy and he’ll be back in the seat before you know it. We have him in our thoughts and prayers!



    Thank you Thank you for the support! we find out later this week if he gets a cast or operation. right now he is in a a “cast-split”. There is some
    chassis repairs that could add up. we haven’t looked at it yet again.


    Les Prins

    Dave, We are sorry to hear about Gregory’s accident. We hope that it is not too serious and he heals quickly. Tyler was sad to hear about it too and hopes he can come to the races anyway to visit until he is back in his kart.

    Tell Gregory we are thinking about him….

    Tony LaPorta

    hey dave,
    i was ther yesterday and was on track when it happened, im very sorry and am happy he’s all right (for the most part) :lol:.
    He’s a tough kid though

    best wishes from the LaPorta’s

    Road Runner
    TaG Jr #20
    “No harm, No foul”


    Update on Greggory (jr1 honda) He has seen the whos who of doctors and all have said he well heal up without surgery or cast. He has worn a split intill today but still has to wear the sling. He is looking forward to getting to Bandimere and watch everyone, and we are hopeing we will be able to get back in the saddle at end of the 3rd week of May? Thank you for the support.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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