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    Angie MacEwen

    Look forward to seeing which classes can run this year, and I am assuming the July racing might be Greeley?? Anyway, not trying to cause a firestorm, but just curious what happen to Steamboat?


    Angie MacEwen

    Greeley is still in the works for Memorial Day, but NOT a CSC event. It does have the blessing of the track owners, and if it comes together, I hope you all will attend!

    That means the July TBA date will probably be the Steamboat date IF it can be pulled off.

    Don, Is there any particular class that you were hoping to see on the list?


    Doug Welch

    Possible conflicts
    Stars West at Tucson, April 23
    Black Rock Summer Shoot Out, June 11
    Stars West, Infineon, August 20


    Glad to see a schedule. I do have a question though. Are we going to be having a sanctioning body, or our we going back to rules written in grey? It looks like Brandon and myself will be missing at least two of the csc races anyway so probably won’t matter to us if the csc goes back to grey rules. One drop and one zero points equals no way to get a championship.

    Brian Moore

    Angie MacEwen


    The decision was made to NOT work around Stars events this year.

    As for the Black Rock Summer Shootout – I was informed that our June date will not conflict with that.

    There will be black and white rules, and tech to make sure everyone follows them!


    Garett Potter


    Summer Shootout will be June 23-25.

    Joe Rosse

    For Rotaxians interested in the Max Challenge, there are two conflicts:

    Western Regionals (LA) Aug 23-26 (would require a very quick turnaround from IMI race)

    Grand Nationals (Salt Lake City): 9/29 – 10/1

    Yes, I realize that it’s nearly impossible to find dates without conflicts, so I’m not complaining–just pointing out that it will be essentially impossible to compete for both the CSC TaG and RMC championships.

    BTW, great idea to try to schedule Steamboat in the middle of the summer–it should be a nice change from the heat!


    Angie, well if the promoters of the Greeley race have any class, excuse me a class for us, we will be there! 😉

    Regarding which class I am looking for in CSC? Wow, that is a loaded question since we don’t know which way CSC folks are leaning and can?t make a real decision until we know CSC plans.

    ? Should we dust of the rule book created last year for the Animal class?
    ? Is CSC going to have a Junior 1 Animal class and if so whose rules?
    ? If CSC adopts WKA rules, are they going to strictly follow them or allow exemptions (i.e., restrictor plates, type of fuel, etc, for our class?).
    ? Is IMI going to adopt WKA rules too?
    ? And of course The Track; I know it looks very promising now, but what type of classes are planned there for young folks? Are they going to follow closely to CSC rules or go their own way for club races?
    ? How will CSC’s final outcome influence other racers’ decisions; will the classes that we are interested in grow or shrink?
    ? Finally, I am assuming like most others the additional costs of energy, i.e., living, will have to be factored into the equation. For sure next year, we are looking for the most racing value for the dollar in this wonderful hobby.

    Doesn?t this all feel somewhat like last year? :loony:

    Anyway, depending on what finally happens with CSC and IMI, we could be back at IMI with Animals or maybe even in the CSC or maybe things get so bad we have to jump classes to Minimax or K3. This all really depends if CSC has a real thought-out plan.

    Sadly, we have two family friends interested in trying out this sport with their sons but like everyone else are in ?a holding pattern? and I hope a short holding pattern, waiting to see what will be the final outcome for next year. We are not sure which direction we are headed in, so unfortunately can?t offer the much help other than the often used ?shrugged-shoulders look.?

    I know you and the rest of the CSC folks are working hard, and I am hoping that everyone involved in the decision making only has the Colorado karting community?s best interests in mind, but I still can?t help feeling somewhat concerned about where we are headed since only a few seem to know and the majority don?t and don?t seem to have much choice in these matters either (which in the end, might not be a bad thing either).

    In the meantime, I can tell you that myself and several other Junior 1, dads are working on a rulebook, tech ideas and procedures for the Junior 1 Animal class and will present it to Brad shortly. (Yes, maybe all for not, but just in case CSC heads in a different direction like last year in which case our only hope will be IMI.)

    Now two questions for you, which will give me some possible insight into CSC plans: Will Cole once again compete in both K3 and Minimax? If Greeley isn?t tied with anything in the state such as CSC, will it be sponsored by a national karting organization? Or is it just an ?exhibition? race and counts for nothing but fun?


    Angie MacEwen


    There are no MAJOR changes to the class structure. There is some revamping in the 125 shifter classes, but other than that, no changes.
    No junior classes added or dropped. The main reason the classes are not listed yet, is that then everyone asks for the rules. Those are not changing much from last year either, but are not ready to be published. I didn’t mean it to sound so Top Secret.

    As for what is run at Greeley, that is yet to be decided. I would imagine the CSC classes, and if enough are interested, maybe the 4 stroke classes.

    As for The Track, Jim can answer that question. The tracks that have participated in the CSC have always agreed to run the same classes with the same rules as the CSC. The number needed to have a class run on any given day, or any extra classes that may be run, is all up to the track owners.


    Doug Welch

    While I’m certainly no fan of Stars, I only mention it for there are I’m sure some racers in the state who want to attend. For better than 95% of our racers, it’s “Stars who?” They could care less.

    However, there are a significant number of racers, particularly in the Pro and cadet classes who will want to attend. Also, with Stars adding a Tag class this year, there maybe a few TaG racers who want test the waters. It would be nice to have them at all our races for we are talking about some of our best racers. Additionally, some of our better teams will be stressed to support both their regional and national racers. It would have been nice to be able to be more inclusive than exclusive.

    As far as the Rotax GN dates, I find that one humorous. Jim has talked about possibly having a RMax challenge series at his track so that racers who want to can qualify for the Rotax Grands have a place. He also wants to be a RMax dealer. Then he schedules over top of it. Cool. Again, only 1 or 2 racers will be excluded but it would be nice to have them at our races.

    I got my Shoot Out date from one of the organizers over in Salt Lake, He may have given me the wrong date or I wrote it down wrong.

    Jim Keesling

    The CSC schedule is not set by me. Cool. All official announcements regarding series, equipment for sale and events run at The Track will be sent out by me. Once again, you are misinformed.

    Greg Johnson

    Greeley…….MAYBE 4-STROKE CLASSES??? Here we go again.

    Doug Welch

    @Jim Keesling wrote:

    All official announcements regarding series, equipment for sale and events run at The Track will be sent out by me. Once again, you are misinformed.

    I’m just going off what you told me a week ago in your phone call to me. Was I deliberately mis-informed? The inforamtion I got, I got from you. Are you trying to discredit me or do you talk out of both sides of your mouth?

    Angie MacEwen

    Don’t get bent out of shape. Maybe I didn’t pick my wording quite right – I am sorry – please don’t take it so personal. I was only trying to say that it is not a CSC event, and those decisions will come seperately and later. The event PLANNING is barely off the ground and already there is turmoil. How about jumping in, say you do want to participate, and better yet, help make it happen! And I am not in charge of it, so maybe I shouldn’t have said anything! 😳

    So, Greg, would you like to race at the Greeley Grand Prix? Anyone else?

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