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    larry toby

    Our 2007 racing season finally draws to an end. I know some Colorado drivers are going to the Super Nationals. We don?t have an engine for any of their classes and Jesse is still healing from Monaco so we are going to go as spectators and cheer on all the Colorado drivers. Let me know if any drivers need or want help.

    Looking back on 2007 Jesse had a breakout year putting himself one step closer to his goal of racing cars someday. Dee Anne and I want to congratulate him on a stellar year.

    In 2007 Jesse had the following accomplishments:
    – raced in 22 events
    – qualified on the pole 14 times
    – won 1st place 15 times
    – won 2nd place 3 times
    – won his class and posted the fastest lap of the event at the TAGUSA World Finals
    – had solid top 15 finishes in:
    –2007 Rotax Grand Nationals
    –11th Annual Monaco Kart Cup Challenge

    Additionally, Jesse showed a lot of versatility when we made late, unplanned changes to the schedule, series and classes we ran. We had some level of participation in 8 separate series/classes and stand alone events. This led to the following unplanned accomplishments:
    – at least one win at each of Colorado?s five tracks
    – at least one win in each of five distinctly different chassis
    – at least one win with each of four distinctly different engine packages.

    Jesse also showed championship qualities as he raced to four championships. In 2007 he won the following titles:
    – Southern Colorado RMAX Jr Rotax Champion
    – Colorado WKA Jr Rotax Champion
    – IMI/TTAC 4 Stroke Champion
    – TAGUSA World Finals 4 Stroke Champion

    Jesse faced an average field of 9 drivers including some of the best drivers he has raced against. We want to thank each of them for the privilege of racing with them. We also want to extend congratulations to all the other Colorado karters who won events, series and championships or, otherwise, met their karting goals for 2007.

    2007 allowed us to share some quality time with many karting friends and form many new friendships. The Colorado karting community rocks. Most of all, we had a heck of a lot of fun this year. See ya all in 2008.

    Tony LaPorta

    Congrats Jesse, and Larry.
    As a first year racer, it was not only an honor to race jesse in TaG Jr, but was amazing to watch him race.

    Congratulation’s on a steallar year :clap:

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