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    So I lost the brake hose on my Birel TaG kart. Easy enough to replace, but what do I need to know to get the brake working again afterwards?


    Troy Smith

    You need to replace the hose and then bleed the system of any airbubbles. Make certain you use the exact same brand & viscosity of brake fluid to maintain consistency within the master cylinder. If you don’t know the exact kind of fluid, DRAIN THE SYSTEM AND START OVER W/ 100% NEW FLUID.

    This should not be done “solo” for the first time by a novice (like me)…mistake in bleeding the line = your eyes HUGE as you hit the brake, it goes straight to the metal and you continue off the track onto the grass & dirt at an alamaring rate of speed. 😯

    Contact any of the local shop owners…I’m sure they’d lend you a hand and sell you brake fluid…you’ll just need to bring your kart by their shop.



    Dave Payseno

    How did your brake thing brake or whatever be couse something might be seriously wrong. Or it could be perfectly fine.Just trying to help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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