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    Angie MacEwen

    Ok, I know everyone is chomping at the bit to see the”rules” for the series. This is what we have….. 2004 CSC rules

    Please remember these are still unofficial, yet to be set in stone.



    Marc Elliott

    1 Quick Comment,
    Will Sonik Weight be raised according to the TaG USA rules, the Sonik is 385, the CSC is +20??????????????

    Jim Keesling

    Why are you trying to increase the weight just for the Sonik. Go to TAG USA and see what the rules for engine weights are. If you want to increase the weights for the CSC, why wouldn’t that apply to all engines?
    Just wondering


    Jim, the point Marc is making is that the Sonic motor is listed as 20 lbs more than the Rotax for SKUSA and TaG USA, for CSC they’re currently listed at the same weight.


    Regarding the Jr 1 class:
    Last year the CSC ran the factory (non-ground) cam in the Animal. The WKA section 708 “Briggs & Stratton Stock Animal…” allows ground cams. Is this intentional?

    Regarding the 4 Cycle Senior class:
    There is no “Limited Modified Animal” in the WKA rules. There is a “Controlled Animal (Speedway Dirt Only)” set of specs in section 708. Is this what was meant?

    I have heard of other modifications from the WKA rules that were discussed at the meeting. Can we assume that only the mods in these rules are the mods allowed?

    Can we spend money now on these “Unofficial Classes and Rules” assuming only weights may change, or may other rules change? Since weights make a big difference in deciding what to buy, How long until the Official Rules come out?

    Rod Whetstone

    Angie MacEwen

    Good points, and I hope we see some answers here. I had to go ahead and get the beginnings of the rules out in the open for these reasons. I had so many questions, that I thought the best way to iron them out was to get it going on here, again.
    I am curious what other mods from WKA were discussed and/or agreed upon at the meeting.

    As for the cams, is the difference between IKF and WKA huge? This may be a stupid question, and I thought about sending via private message, but then thought that maybe others could learn from my question.

    I see that IKF says “Only broached stock factory camshaft with stock alignment as shipped from factory is permitted. Mechanical compression relief lift is required on exhaust lobe. Camshaft profile limits: Each lobe may be out of specification in two places, provided that subsequent visual inspection of camshaft lobes reveals no alteration to surface finish of lobes”

    And WKA says ” Only stock factory camshaft cores from Briggs and Stratton are permitted, part numbers 555532 and 555584. Lobes may be ground, but not to exceed .870 base circle. Mechanical compression relief is non-tech. Camshaft lobes must remain flat and of original width.”
    the chart of camshaft profile limits is the same for each.

    So can you explain to me how much can be gained from WKA vs IKF?

    thanks, I am learning, but slowly,


    Yes, the difference between a factory “as-is” and a ground cam of the same lift and meeting the specs is huge. It is critical to making the two 4-cycle engines in this class competitive. If we don’t specify a factory broached cam then we have made this an Animal class and added a couple of HP.

    It sounds like your “unofficial rules” are very unofficial. Thanks for trying to help. However, we all need to see the official rules published pronto. The first race is in 7 weeks. It takes 3 weeks to get an engine built this time of year. Then there is testing. We need the rules now.


    Jim Keesling

    Thanks for pointing that out. I just looked at the weight and saw it was the same. The only other change is the Biland listed at 375, so that should be 395, not 390. I don’t have a problem with any of this, we just need to know what is going to be.
    Thanks. (Sonik @ 405?)


    What’s up with the tire compond changes in all but the pro class?
    you eliminted the most poular tire the MG YELLOW (XZ compond) & replaced it with their rental kart tire, the RED (AZ compond)

    Angie MacEwen

    Rod, what was discussed and agreed on at the meeting? The rules as far as the Junior 1 class goes, I think are just as I have stated – the only exception voted on there was the Comer weight and the billet rod for the Briggs. My comment about “unofficaial” was more in regards to the weights that are still being debated. Obviously I am not the one to make any sort of “official” decision, but those that are don’t seem to be questioning this issue. I knew that not being at the meeting was going to haunt me!

    As for the tires, it is my understanding that the MG yellow was changed to MG red because the durometer reading on the yellow is a mere 50 (maybe why it is so popular!), and the red is still only 52, where the Dunlop SL4 is 60, and the Bridgestone YHC is 58. Don’t yell at me, this is info provided to me by Brad. I know they want to keep it fair, and that is why the change.



    Please add Bridgstone YGK which is the same as YHC to the approved list. The YGK and YHC are the same tire, only marked different so that Bridgestone can track tires used for Rotax Challenge Events. This just makes it all easier for us Rotax guys.


    stacey cook

    Angie, I have a stupid question, I have not been following the rules like I should have but why are we adding 20 pounds to the TAG classes? Does anyone know the answer?

    Ben Schermerhorn

    @stacey cook wrote:

    Angie, I have a stupid question, I have not been following the rules like I should have but why are we adding 20 pounds to the TAG classes? Does anyone know the answer?

    I was wondering myself.

    stacey cook

    Lets just go with the TAG and SKUSA weights and be happy.


    I think you need to re-do the TaG weights. Below is copied from the TaG USA rules (which you stated you were following on the rule page),

    Rotax Max FR125…………………….(27 hp) 365 Ibs.
    Comer………………………………………(27 hp) 370 Ibs.
    BM Jaguar……………………………….(27 hp) 370 Ibs.
    Parilla Leopard………………………..(27 hp) 370 Ibs.
    Biland 250 SA………………………….(28 hp) 375 Ibs.
    Vortex Rok……………………………….(29 hp) 375 Ibs.
    SonikVX125…………………………….(27 hp) 385 Ibs.
    Sonik SL125……………………………(27 hp) 385 Ibs.
    Italsistem ML47H…………………….(31 hp) 390 Ibs.

    So we should be +20lbs from that.

    Need to make sure I get my weight advantage in the Rotax. 8)

    I would also like to know why we are adding that +20lbs??

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