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Eddy Wyatt


Shouldn’t we answer the question, do we want a Colorado State run Series or something sanctioned and run by an outside the state group? :bang,

Believe Craig Mansfield had a good idea getting it started i.e. first year. Go back and look at his post on this thread.

Did I miss something? If it’s TAG USA, run by us (Colorado) all classes (shifter, TAGs/Rotax to include what the CJKC runs in the TAG USA local option rules, all are included. Basically the same structure as anyone (SKUSA, IKF, WKA) is running anywhere in the country.

Personally, I don’t care SKUSA, IKF, or TAG USA. I’m going to support it. Simply suggest if we want to encourage max participation and a true state series, we shouldn’t exclude anyone due to a must run a specific engine package. I plan on running a Leopard, PRD or ROK in Master, if that’s OK, I’ll be there as much as possible. Additionally, local option classes could be a minimum of 4. Think we did that back in the day and it worked.

Happy New Year!