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Eddy Wyatt


Absolutely agree with everything you said. However, if we exclude the minimum to run option and give up on having a state run series on the front range similar to the old CSC, we have not gained a thing. WE exclude CJKC and most who have supported PPKRC.

Just my belief that if we end up with an expanded version of the Pro-Kart Challenge that is exclusive Rotax and Stock Moto many will not be financially capable to buy new equipment/engines and also foot a $600.00 plus race event weekend. Been there, done that. You may be the top dog at the local and/or regional level, but when you’re at the Nationals against the factory teams it’s completely different. That’s when you realize that spec racing does not exist. Fact is, there’s never been spec. racing and never will be! :loco

For those of us that are trying to build karting in Colorado, bring new folks to the sport, expand it to all the available tracks, we’re looking for more affordable ways to accomplish/ expand that vision to tracks beyond SBR. This can only happen if the karters support that vision. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen so far.

Have a Great Weekend All!