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Greg Welch

@stacey cook wrote:

Greg, Brad we all need to just keep our eye on the ball as they say and focus on what is best for karting. We all have offended each other at one time or another don’t take it personal let’s put that aside and realize this is good for all of us also CRG USA, SODI, Unser, IMI GJMS etc.

Now let’s get it done.

So tell me how a race in the middle of Denver, that showcases the “pro” drivers talents while still allowing rental drivers to get a taste of it is not a great thing for karting? On site facilities include a full service restaurant and bar, and 360 degree viewing from the rooftop. We can market the event to our 40,000 person + database of people who we already know are interested in karting because they have been in to race in the past year. Can anyone tell me how an event such as that which showcases karting in the middle of town, 5 minutes from everything, is worse than running on a track in the middle of nowhere?

If we keep thinking along the same lines that we have been the past 15 years, guess where we will be 15 years from now? Arguing about the same topic. Mix it up, and do something which can help us grow the pot, rather than fight over the same 50 guys we have been fighting over for the past 10 years.