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Greg Welch

@Brad Linkus wrote:

There can only be one state series if you want any turn out. I really can’t believe the talk about street or parking lot races, they are too much work, too much cost and trash your kart. It’s not like there are not plenty of real kart tracks in the state you should be supporting. You want to run your kart in a parking lot or on the street get a Shriner kart and do parades! Unser racings parking lot would be joke of a track with no room to do a decent course, if they want to have real kart racing then build a real kart track! Get off these stupid ideas people! Support one state series on the tracks we have and one promoter be it SKUSA or who ever.

Wow Brad, I’m surprised you have this kind of attitude towards I believe the only shop owner who came and supported races at your track this year. If it doesn’t make more sense for the racers and shops than racing at Centennial, then I’ll continue to take my drivers to Centennial, and out of state.