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Cris Schureman

@Brad Linkus wrote:

There can only be one state series if you want any turn out. I really can’t believe the talk about street or parking lot races, they are too much work, too much cost and trash your kart. It’s not like there are not plenty of real kart tracks in the state you should be supporting. You want to run your kart in a parking lot or on the street get a Shriner kart and do parades! Unser racings parking lot would be joke of a track with no room to do a decent course, if they want to have real kart racing then build a real kart track! Get off these stupid ideas people! Support one state series on the tracks we have and one promoter be it SKUSA or who ever.

I agree that temporary tracks are expensive and we need one series, I just would have phrased it different. I assumed this thread was to give people a forum to present ideas and discuss what is possible. Calling them stupid will keep most from posting.

My take on how it should be set up-
SKUSA Pro Kart / Rotax Challenge Mountian Region as the Organization
1 race at each track that is on board
National Class structure and rules with a couple of open classes
No rental karts on track for Saturday Practice and Sunday Racing
Item that needs resolved- how do you get the Colorado Jr Karter Club involved or is it possible? My opinion is that these kids really don’t need us and throwing them into an event with 100 plus racers will take away from the experience not improve it. Jay please chime in.

You said you have spoken with ALL TRACKS- what did TTAC have to say on the matter?