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Roger Miller

Folks, Mike has contacted us and we are working with Mike to resolve the issue. Mike, thanks for responding to Eddy and hope this gets worked out soon. Mike thanks for posting on the front page and we hope that the front page is use for important news not just random stuff that should be on each of our own websites or news feeds. Lets keep the Main page what it was set up to do to, make major announcements and direct drivers to our respective sites within the Colorado Karter or the Organizations Website’s. Let’s continue to support Mike and his efforts to admin the Colorado Karter and respect each others Postings and their significances to the karting community. No need to use the front page for general stuff. The Colorado “Needs to be available to everyone”, every track, every organization and every driver. We need to be respectful of the information being posted on the Front page and use it wisely. We as a karting community need to mindful of what we post at times and be a little more thoughtful before we jump in on a thread without knowing all the details of a particular issue. A private PM or a phone call to someone might be more appropriate to discuss a matter or to get more information about a issue. If you tried all these then go for it, like we did.

Mike, thanks for the work that you do and lets work together to enhance the experience of users of the Colorado Karter.
Roger Miller