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Cris Schureman

@Mike Edwards wrote:

Well…..I’ve been down this road before. I guess this is where the term “hope and change” originated I think it should read more like “hope for change”. Anyway my family and I have been involved in karting in Colorado for over 10 years, both of my kids have grown up at the kart track and it just makes me sick to see what has happened. There are a lot of great people that are very passionate about karting that live in Colorado and there efforts appear to be going to waste because people don’t seem to care about the racers.

Karting in Colorado isn’t and never will be an empire! Please pull you head out before it’s too late.

Mike Edwards

Mike I will hope for change but not get my hopes up. I hoped for change Nov 6 and was clinically depressed for most of a week.

Given the State of affairs locally we will be shipping our gear out west and be spending one or two weekends a month on the left coast racing PKC and LAKC in Central and So Cal. It stinks when something like that is the easiest thing to do but we are waving the white flag on the local racing.