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Lee Seigel

Curt & Cris :

You may be right, I could be wrong, It wouldn’t be the first time and probably won’t be the last. But in theory it looks good on paper. And I will try to clarify my thought’s on this subject in this post.

I believe if the racer’s put together an association, administrated by Honest Competent business men knowledgeable in karting, that could put together a state wide series that would be comprised of 1 race at each track that would (participate), it would take the equation out of the picture that the track owner’s get along or have to work together or compete for recognition.

Further more the lose of recognizable rental kart revenues would be minimized with a one day excusive use of the track per season with rentals worked in with controlled practice on Saturday, and we all know that’s doable. So why wouldn’t the track owner’s support such a program. I see it as a win win scenario for all involved.

And for all the rest of you out there watching this tread who truly would like to see a state wide series come together. The only thing I see happening in 2013 if anything, would be ground work and prep. for a 2014 Series. And that is optimistic at best.

Also I would like to publicly invite Jim, Stacey, Brad, & JD to sign in and comment, whether it be good , bad or indifferent about my thought’s on the subject. I am just new at this so I still have a lot to learn or maybe a fresh perspective?

Lee Seigel
SBR Motorsports Park