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Jon Romenesko

Bracket racing? I guess i’ve always thought of it as a drag racing thing, but I like the idea for an open class. It would be nice to see all these “obsolete” engines get out of the garage and onto the track. Bracket racing sounds like a good way to level things a bit so you’re not guaranteed to get smoked by the guy in the 40+HP Mod shifter. No harm in trying it!

On the LO206 subject; i’ll be building a kart over the winter with one, since The Track has said that they will support the class. I know there are plenty of people out there with not just LO206s, but World Formulas, Animals, Clones etc that could make a sizable 4-stroke class. I’d like to see them run together and scored separately to encourage the 4 cycle growth, personally. We know the racing is great, and everything i’ve read says that they’re incredibly economical…sounds like the perfect thing!