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Mike Jansen

@George Durdin wrote:

Mike, we are trying to have a civil discussion about karting issues. Nothing in my nearly 30 years of karting experience has anything to do with crack use. You can be a benevolent dictator when you are the only one in power and have the only widget……once again we NOW have five kart tracks, an in state racing series and a Grand Prix committee and lots of confusion. The dictator doesn’t own or have power over all of the states karting industry…..the Hulman, George, France families or Bernie E. have nothing to do with Colorado karting.

Once again it appears that the vast majority of the Junior I families and others are asking for a one engine class, with written rules, simplicity and clarity. There are going to be a few caught in the minority but bite the bullet now and the class will grow and thrive statewide. As you said ” You can please some……..but you can’t please all” The racers will benefit and so will the businesses that support them.

Okay so I was being a smart arse (E=MC squared 8) )

But you DO see the picture with your post about pleasing all. I’m just trying to set the stage and expectation level here. Throw out all the comments and let’s discuss them, debate their merits etc. That’s what the forum’s about and allows us to lead up to the meeting with a loose agenda of what’s important going in.

I (still) back my feelings about a dictator however. A leader, director, figurehead who has vision and is thinking about the improvement of this karting passion many of us have. Not everyone’s going to go away happy but if we can hammer out some rules, classes, motors etc then people will bend and conform. Again, I think we’d all like to see big fields, competition and comeradery (sp?) at the end of the day.

Notice Bernie didn’t own but ONE team and nothing else. He did things for all. That’s what a (GOOD) dictator does. Kinda like Paul Tagliabue. All parties involved made serious dough when he was on the top wrung of the ladder. Does that put it in a better light?

I’m Mike Jansen and I approve this post