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Scott Falcone

This is for next year not this year 2013 schedule. I think they are changing the schedule so there not in conflict with the F1 race. And again this would be a great idea so that the F1 fans could go to the race and the F1 drivers could possibly stay in the US and race in Vegas? I’m not sure of the F1 rules with the drivers being able to participate in a kart race like Vegas during the season. Dose next years F1 race in Texas fall on the same date as this year? If so than it would make perfect sence why Tom pulled this rabbit out of his hat. Not sure what’s going on but I hope it’s not a typo and that F1 drivers will have a chance to race In Vegas or at very least be able to attend it would be great for karting. Not to mention we won’t have to pick between Vegas or Texas. We can do both. -:)