stacey cook

Garret, Thank you for bringing all the Utah Gang over! Everyone was so nice and friendly and also very fast. You have been a great supporter of the track and we really appreciate everything…

The flaggers I think were overwelmed, they are the same ones we use for the all our club events but they never have had any serious wrecks to deal with for 2 1/2 years.. We are going to really work on things for the next CSC event and I promise it wil be different..

Overall the racing was awesome!!! (what little I saw 🙁 ) we didn’t get everyone out by 5:30 like we planned but will continue to do everything we can to make it a SAFE, fun event…

Except for one all the kids in the Mini Max class have all raced together for awhile now and have never had any problems at all, I think workng with all the kids on safety with handouts that show what each flag means and what to do if you receive on will help a bunch..

Again thanks for coming over and supporting GJMS, SKUSA and the CSC, it is going to be an adjustment period for all and I think this really opened alot of eyes for both parents and drivers….