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Rusty Newberry

If the main beef is having to run spec tires then please explain to me why it is not a problem to race at IMI club races. I thought Brad was going to have MG’s for the club races. So whats the difference?
The first argument given to me about you guys having to run a spec tire was that “some” of you had multi sets of other brands and wanted to use them up. What about the people in other classes with the same problem. I have not had one person from any other class question the spec tire rule and I am sure there are a lot of them that have a couple of sets of Bridgestones in their trailer.
That argument did not hold water.

At last count there were only 2 entries in your class. Maybe it is because you were waiting to get this resolved.
If we do not have at least 6 registered to run then we will not have a class.

Greg, I told you just 2 days ago that I would see what I could do and I meant it. Threats of non participation only hurt your cause. In case you aren’t aware, the track owners and all of us trying to bring this series together still have a streak of “outlaw” in us and don’t take to bullying too kindly. It just raises hackles and accomplishes nothing.

I also understand the concerns of having to pay for membership in a organization that doesn’t really offer anything on the national level. You are right. What does it benefit the racer?
I will try to come up with a solution but it will take a little time.
It would help if you offered solutions, not just turn your back to us and say ‘I’m not gonna play”. 4 strokes have been a part of this series since the beginning and there is no reason for them not to be in the future.