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Your right Charles,

Mike Jansen has corrected me several times now. There are very good drivers there based on the fact that Roman and Giorgio ran near the end of the top 3rd to mid pack. Marc and Kyle were running ahead of him at times. Don’t know how much kart time some of the F1 guys get but my guess is some of the karters competing there drove nearly every day. Some of them were so casual they would watch themselves go by on every Sony Vision screen when they would pass it.

Were lucky it didn’t rain, we would have been smoked! Not to mention the $660 in damaged parts would have probably doubled and not having front brakes would have been tough in the wet. I spoke to some of the drivers who told me they run as much wet as they do dry. There was a driver from Cypress and a few others who were hoping for a wet track I’m sure. My Sister and Dad stayed longer than we did and said it was pouring the next morning.

Dodged a bullet there.

I’ll get the video up as soon as I can.