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Mike Jansen

I’ve got a great idea!

Let’s just throw out the rule book and race, all we’re racing for is a plastic trophy and a postition in the championship who cares about if we finish number one, two, or seven?!

G, let’s go find some off road tires and we’ll just cut the track in half or better yet, let’s pretend that we’re going to adhere to the track design that Jim paid big bucks to have designed and paved and you and I will use the cutout on the main straight! Think of it, we’ll set the track record for fastest lap and when everyone else realizes what we do, they’ll still be half a lap BEHIND us! Yea, that’s the answer!

G, better yet! I’m going to get a wankel engine on my chassis and race my class. Obviuosly the rules don’t count since they change all the time. Won’t my class be BLOWN AWAY when I pull out in a TaG kart with 48 HP. I’ll take P1 by just mashing the gas pedal and coast through the corners. NO ONE WILL PASS ME!!! Yea, that’s the answer!

And the Kids in Kid cart can use their Modified Comers vs. the stock Honda’s. They both have 50cc so what’s the big issue. Yea, that’s the answer!

And Junior 80 class, get those blueprinted, balanced, ground, keyed Briggs and show em what a REAL motor does. Yea, that’s the answer…

And I’ve got a set of Vega Whites! They’re real sticky G, you can have my other pair. Your corner speeds will be SO much faster! Yea, that’s the answer!

This is an outlaw series, we don’t need a rule book! We’ll be like Calvin and Hobbs playing baseball, the rules change ALL THE TIME! Yea, that’s the answer!

…Don’t let character and integrity change just because there’s a little heat in the kitchen, I thought our group was better than that. What kind of an example are we teaching the kids out there? The next thing someone will tell me is that it’s okay to shoot and harm innocent kids; that the man was experiencing difficulties and life wasn’t kind to him and he just couldn’t handle the heat so it’s okay to bend the rules; let him out of prison; this was an isolated incident; it won’t happen again….

Drastic examples I’ll admit but can you see how crazy this is? Hits home, doesn’t it?

Rules are there for a reason. Sometimes it’s not fun to adhere to them….